Star Daughter

Alone. Afraid. Nobody to care for me, nobody for me to care for. Is this really all that life was? Born into the careless sky, I walked among the stars. I could easily lose my way, and yet I keep walking. I know that there's an end to this world I live within. Just...keep...walking.
Skyler Hill was a girl that was a part of the blank space of the night. She longed for a hero to save her from her loneliness. Watch as she goes through an unexpected adventure to find what she is seeking for.


2. Chapter Two

I walked down the pale road in silence next to Aaron. I've never really spoken with another actual person, let alone a guy, so the awkward atmosphere was real and unbearable. There had to be a way to break the ice. As my eyes stayed fixed on to the ground, I noticed that something was out of place on one of the tiles. Growing curious, I bent down and examined it. "So, how long have you been her-" Aaron cut his sentence short and looked back, noticing I had stopped walking. " something wrong?" I placed my hand slowly on top of the tile like if there were something there and I was about to grab it. "Skyler? Are you oka-" My hand pushed down on to a block in the tile and the floor below me gave way. "Skyler!!" I fell down through the new hole but I didn't feel as if I was descending. It was as if time and space stopped and all around me were just walls of white. A blinding light flashed before my eyes.


Aaron's POV

"Skyler!!" I yelled out but before long, she had fallen through what seemed like an endless and empty opening. I couldn't figure out what to do as I hesitantly walked over to the hole. Her words from our earlier conversation flashed through my mind. "You won't leave'll always be there for me...promise?" Though I had only met her a moment ago, those words stung my brain. I don't know what it is about her, but I had made her a vow, and nothing was going to stop me from completing it. I closed my eyes and felt myself drop through the hollow gap. It felt like I was floating and not at all like I was plunging into absolutely nothing. I slowly lifted my eyelids only to be found by a gleaming light.


"Aaron! Get up! This is a classroom, not a nap time corner!" Lifting my head up quickly to the sound of a whip-like sound hitting a desk, I looked at my surroundings. Nothing at all looked familiar, it was like I had transported into an alternate universe. My eyes then fixated on a girl in the corner of the room, her nose stuck in a book, pink hair draped down her back. Skyler? "Caught sleeping again, dude?" I turned to the desk next to me to find a guy with kind brown eyes and light brown hair. I didn't recognize him as somebody I knew, but he seemed to know me. "Excuse me, but...who are you?" The guy's eyebrows seemed to furrow as he looked at me puzzled. "Talk about serious amnesia...we should take you to the nurse, come on." I stood up from my besk, not really having a choice, then glanced back at the desk in the corner. The girl had looked up, dark violet eyes staring at me. Skyler...



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