Star Daughter

Alone. Afraid. Nobody to care for me, nobody for me to care for. Is this really all that life was? Born into the careless sky, I walked among the stars. I could easily lose my way, and yet I keep walking. I know that there's an end to this world I live within. Just...keep...walking.
Skyler Hill was a girl that was a part of the blank space of the night. She longed for a hero to save her from her loneliness. Watch as she goes through an unexpected adventure to find what she is seeking for.


1. Chapter One

Just keep walking. You'll soon find an exit...a meaning...if you just keep walking. What could lie ahead you don't know, but you keep walking. Why must destiny be so far to reach with your bare hands. Somebody will save you. Somebody will help you. Somebody will welcome you with open arms if you just keep walking. Just...keep...walking.


My pink hair fell in front of my face as I stared down at the solid marble ground. I'm Skyler. Skyler Hill, to be exact. For as long as my eyes were open, all I was ever able to see where the stars and a floor of white with no ending. You find it sad, I find it lonely. I don't feel any emotion except that. I've never talked to anyone, and no one has ever talked to me. Don't feel bad for me, it gives me a chance to think about life. I've always wondered what it would be like to have a friend...someone to talk to and share memories with. I will continue to walk down this endless road until I find the edge, I bet that's pointless, but I know there's something at the tip of the place I stand on. Something that life wants me to find. I won't ever stop until I find whatever it is. I lifted my head up and caught a glimpse of something sparkling. Without hesitating, I ran in the direction I had seen it. The object didn't seem to get any closer the more I ran. I gasped in short breaths from my mouth to keep myself going. My legs started failing on me, and soon, so did my vision. Everything started to get blurry and my legs stumbled, struggling to stay up. Before long, I felt myself falling and I passed out.


"Hang in there..." I heard somebody say. I slowly blinked my eyes, trying to get rid of the new found haziness. "Okay good, you've regained consciousness." I could distinct the voice as a guy's. Wait a minute...where was I? Who is this? More did another person just suddenly appear?! Sitting up with my regaining strength, I looked up to find a guy with pitch black hair and eyes. They were like a black hole, yet surprisingly calming. We just sort of sat there in awkwardness until the person coughed. "I'm sorry, I should introduce myself...I'm Aaron." I didn't know whether to trust him or not. My voice came out as a whisper, but it was still audible. "...Skyler." To be trusted, you first need to trust, right? I can't explain it, but I just felt a spark about a shooting star had just fallen from the sky and given me a new feeling. It's like I didn't need to personally know him to really know him. I looked around myself to find I was still where I had been before I went unconscious. I then slowly turned my gaze towards Aaron. This could be the start of a new journey. 


An unwritten tale begins to unravel with words being quickly drawn in color. Make a wish, make a wish, before you wake up. Make a wish, make a wish, before you find it's too late.

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