One Step at a Time

What is a triumph? What is a loss? What is a shortstop? All questions I want answered.

Book One of the One by One Series.

Thanks for Reading!


5. The Surprise

I find it quite funny how you can not notice things and then automatically notice them. For instance, when I walked into History class, I suddenly noticed that Charlotte was hunched over her notebook. I immediately made a beeline towards her. I had felt bad about my thoughts. When I was about ten feet away, she closed the notebook and looked up. 


"You have come to say you are sorry, and that you feel bad about your thoughts." 

I don't know why Charlotte still surprised me with her mind-reading ability, but somehow she just did.

"I know you want to know what is in my notebook."

Charlotte's voice had a trusting and lovable tone, not an accusing one. I guess she could tell that I meant no harm, but still I was surprised when she opened the notebook and handed it to me. 


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