One Step at a Time

What is a triumph? What is a loss? What is a shortstop? All questions I want answered.

Book One of the One by One Series.

Thanks for Reading!


1. The Truth


Okay. I just have to tell you the truth. I suck at sports. I'm not even going to pretend that I'm good, because I've figured out that the truth seems to work out in the end anyways. I've never stayed at a school for more than a year. I don't like seaweed and I have a slight obsession with Pineapples. But back to school. I personally think that it's a jail. No windows, made of concrete. Desks lined up in rows like cells in a prison. 


I walked into my math classroom.  


"Put your bags down. Sit in a desk. Archer, in the front." 


Darn. That was me. Ava Archer. Usually I could sit in the back of class and not be noticed or called on. I guess my teacher noticed a pattern. I still had a few tricks. Raise you hand to ask a question, but one with a simple, no more than five minute answer. Then, when a hard question comes up, and the teacher says, " I will hear from someone who hasn't spoken yet", you will have already spoken and won't have to raise your hand or if the teacher doesn't figure out, get called on. 


The way I got through math was knowing that it had to end. But what was after was worse. Gym class.



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