An unexpected surprise

As Harry walks up the stone stairs of Hogwarts, the sorting is about to begin. Prof. McGonagall calls his name the, sorting hat calls loudly SLYTHERIN!!


1. A school of witchcraft and wizardry

    The sorting was just starting,Professer McGonagall calls students to a stool where they put on a old hat who soon called out there Houses. "Granger,Hermeoine" she called, the girl he met on the train with bushy hair put on the hat,"RAVENCLAW", "Weasley, Ronald" said McGonagall, "HUFFLEPUFF" said the hat. It went on like that for an hour. "Potter,Harry" the professor called, Harry walked slowly to the stool and put on the hat. It thought for what seemed like an hour, finally it yelled "SLYTHERIN!!"Harry walked over w the Slytherin table and got patted on the back a few times. Someone called a 'Prefect' showed them to there dorms when a pale skinned boy said " congratulations on making it into Slytherin".

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