I wrote this story because of a geography project and now im really glad i did. i hope everyone reads it enjoys it and please read to the end because its definetly worth it even if it is a slog in the middle.


6. Work

There was a knock on our door really early the next day. After the person knocked he unlocked the door and came in. “Millie and Florence I believe,” he said gruffly as he cleared his throat and carried on “You were the girls who were not picked, so you will have to work as child soldiers.” We knew this was coming but we couldn't stop half hoping we would be allowed to go home. “You will attend a training camp until you can fight then you will go and fight in the trenches. Your training starts now!” he finished and left the room looking as us as if we were dirty vermin. We followed him outside. Then we gasped as we saw, what stung our eyes. Children as young as five were marching up and down carrying guns. If they went too slow, men in Army uniforms would beat them. I could see some of their backs and they were completely covered in blood and gashes. How could these children bear this? I looked into their eyes I could see no hope, no bravery just, sadness. Then I realised this would soon be us and I felt a hatred of these people who did such terrible things to a fellow human being. I didn't know what to expect.

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