I wrote this story because of a geography project and now im really glad i did. i hope everyone reads it enjoys it and please read to the end because its definetly worth it even if it is a slog in the middle.


5. The choosing

It was horrible; we were all lined up in a row, on a wooden platform, with our hands tied behind our back. Underneath us were a group of men; twice our age talking about which one of us he wanted. One by one they came up to the platform and took one of us away. Slowly the crowd of girls on the platform grew less and less, and they were less and less men in the crowd at the bottom. Finally there was one man left and three girls including Florence and another girl and I. The man climbed up onto the platform and took the other girl away. Florence and I smiled at each other weakly. We were going to be together, but little did we know what we were going to go through.

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