I wrote this story because of a geography project and now im really glad i did. i hope everyone reads it enjoys it and please read to the end because its definetly worth it even if it is a slog in the middle.


1. Imagine

Once upon a time. No, that sounds too fairy like. My story wasn't like that. My story doesn't have a set beginning or, a proper end. My story is on going. My story lives through the hearts of my descendants as I tell them the story, of a time when the world was in trouble, but no one would help. My story has little happiness, but it has hope and magic. Yes hope, the thing that kept me going. Imagine a world with no happiness. Imagine a world with no sadness. That wouldn't be right; we need sadness to make us stronger people inside. Imagine, that’s the word I've said so much recently. Imagine a better future, a life better than this. Imagine.

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