I wrote this story because of a geography project and now im really glad i did. i hope everyone reads it enjoys it and please read to the end because its definetly worth it even if it is a slog in the middle.


4. Florance

I woke up in a small crude wooden hut. I wasn't tied up any more but the door was locked and there were no windows. Although it was dark inside you could see light in places where the hut was badly made. I was lying on the cold hard floor and there was no furniture insight. The hut was empty apart from another girl shape lying on the floor, crying. I didn't know what to do but I thought I should be kind. “Hello, I'm Millie, what's your name?” I said kindly. But she didn't reply. “Hello, can you understand me?” I tried again. “Hello, can you hear me?”  Then I gave up but then. ”Of course I can understand you. It’s not my fault I'm crying because I've just lost all my family and they whipped me and whipped me until I'm numb with pain!” she screamed glowing with anger. I fell silent. Then she apologised saying “I’m sorry I'm just really wound up. I'm sure you’re in just a worse state and you were just trying to help. What happened to you? Have you been kidnapped?”   I nodded then I collapsed next to her  as the reality of the last few hours sank in then i started crying again. She hugged me and started crying too. From that moment we were best friends. As well as sharing a room we told each other secrets we would never tell anyone else.  I told her loads of stories I had made up because when we were in those stories we could do anything, and it helped us forget we were here, away from our family. She was Florence, I was Millie, and we always together. Also she told me why we were here. “We have been captured to be soldiers to fight in a war. Most of the girls will be used as sex slaves for the soldiers, but few of the unlucky once will not be chosen.  We will have to fight in a war. On the wrong side!” I thought all of this was horrible. Then I found out that this ’choosing’ was happening tomorrow!

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