My Personal Nightmare: A short story

He lives in a screwed up place that he calls life. The only problem is, he doesn't know what's real.


4. Kingdom of Memories

This Chapter is told in Buddy's point of view.

     The knight carried me into a giant castle. The walls had moving pictures placed inside a picture frame. The floors had a design of red and white. Straight ahead from the entrance was a long hallway, leading to a large throne, covered in gold. As the knight approached the throne, a large man with a white beard raised his eyebrows at me.

 "Is this the peasant that disobeyed me?" The man asked, standing up.

 "Sir, please, take pity on my friend and I." I managed to get out.

 "Pity? PITY? You ruined our plans! You disobeyed every instruction I gave you. You were supposed to keep him unaware of where he is and what is going on. Unfortunately, you couldn't even handle that task." The man roared.

 The man stepped closer.

   "Whose team are you on?" He growled.

   "Your's, sir." I sighed.

   "Prove it."

   "How will I do that?"

 "Murder him."

  "As you wish."

  When I arrived back at the tree, Asher was gone.

 I went to the river to see him crying.


"You're alive!" He smiled and hugged me.

 I held the knife behind my back.

 "Follow me."

 "Buddy, where are we going?" He asked.

 "You'll see."

 He looked at me as we walked.

 "I'll explain to you now." I said.

 He stared at me.

 "Well, you're in a coma. The consequences I was talking about... if you get killed in here, you have no chance of waking up." I sighed.

 "A coma?"

 "Yes. You have to stay safe."


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