This story is a continuation of ¨The Day After¨ if you have not read The Day After please go to my Stories and read it.
Meredith and Max have gotten into a car accident it does not mention in the story ( Sorry ) but they were knocked off the road by a Semi-Truck. Will they be okay?


1. Chapter 1

¨I was so freaked out, just sitting in my car, looking at her asleep.  But not the kind of sleep you might be think of, she´s in the kind of sleep... Where she may never wake up.  I start crying because of it.  I hear a helicopter, I struggle to get out of the car and my legs are stuck.  I yell and yell and scream because the more I try, the worse it hurts.  Then I hear the ambulance and a firetruck.  I try to yell again, and then I hear footsteps.

¨Fire department, call out¨ yells the fireman.

¨Help! Please! My legs are stuck!¨ I yell out, and I try to get out again.

¨Remain calm, help is on the way.¨

¨Okay.¨ I say silently, he probably didn´t hear me.

¨Is there anybody else?¨ he asks

¨Uh...,¨ I look over at Meredith.  Hoping to see her eyes open... But they´re not.  ¨Yes, but she hasn´t moved in a long time.¨ The car is upside down and on the side of an abandon highway.  One of them helps me out of the car and says ¨You are safe now¨

¨Only me?¨ I ask.  Meredith is still in there.

¨Yes, you said she hasn´t moved in a long time, so we were only going to get you out.¨ he says

¨No Meredith is...,¨

¨She is gone sir.  She´s dead.¨
¨No...¨ I make a run for the car but he stops me from getting to her.

¨Sir, if you will calm down.¨ I push on his arm and push and push and push on him.

¨No! She needs to go to the hospital!  She can´t die!¨

¨No sir.  She already has.  Now, it is my job to make sure you don´t.¨

¨Okay.¨ I stop pushing and shoving until he lets his guard down.


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