The Day After

This story is about a guy named Max and a girl named Meredith, these two have been best friends for as long as they can remember and it is Meredith´s birthday. What will happen?


1. Chapter 1

    It's her birthday and I don´t have her a gift.  I have to get her something or Meredith will either be furious or upset with me.

¨Your coffee, sir.¨ says the waitress

¨Oh-Uh.  Yes, Thank you.¨ I intended to sound polite since I was so stressed, after all, I must get Meredith something.  Right now would be great.

¨Your total is $1.08, sir.¨ Alice the waitress says, I pay her the dollar and give her a quarter, tell her to keep the change, and give her a five dollar tip.  She smiles and puts away the tip in her pocket.

¨Take care¨ I say with a smile.  I head to town in SmithVille, such a small town.  I walk into an ´Imagine Store´, it was the name of the store, and tell the lady at the desk that I need a present for my friend immediately.

¨Boy or Girl?¨ She asks

¨Girl¨ I reply.  The lady grabs a bright white box and suggests that I buy it.

    As she rings it up she starts a conversation.

¨Ah… You like her, don't you?¨ She asks

¨What? No, no, no of course not.  I mean she's one of my best friends and I´ve known her a while.¨

¨No, you wanna date her, don't you?¨

¨Me & Meredith? Together? No...¨

¨Yes you do, you said her name.¨

¨Because I know it….?¨

¨No, because you have a crush on her.¨


¨What's your name?¨


¨M & M¨ She smiles

¨Huh?¨ I'm confused

¨Max and Meredith¨


¨So cute together.¨

We both smile at the simple and true facts that:

I do like her and

M & M is cute together.

I remembered that Meredith wanted me to be over at two.  I rush out the store door, tell her thank you, and leave the money on the counter.  

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