The 3rd floor (L)GBT

Read to see what happens on the 3rd floor when everyone's sleeping (;
I add more chapters everyday c:
This is lesbian related.. comment on my wall for suggestions of any more movellas you would like me to do and I will try my best.


3. trampoline kiss

(Ally's point of view)

"I hope I have the right house" *knocks*

After a few seconds the door opened and there was Skye. She's so gorgeous I feel so horrible now since I'm still in my black vest with my messy bun, all I did was put some shorts on.

"Hey, come in you look great!"

Wait really what I'm sure she's only being nice...

"Hey, thanks and you look gorgeous"

We both sit down in the living room and she gets me a glass of orange juice.

"Soo" I smirk and look at her lips. She smiles and replies,

"Shall we see what's on the tv?"

"Um yeah sure" I move up to where Skye is sitting and cuddle up to her.

We watched tv for a while together just cuddling, occasionally looking at eachother smiling. Urgh I just wish she would kiss me already. I think she's playing hard to get.

"My dad should be home soon shall I ask if you can stay round tonight?"

Omg yess, she's asking me to stay the night I wonder if I'll be sleeping with her.

"Yeah that would be great, when your dad is here if he says yes I'll quickly go home and grab some stuff"

"Nah it's okay you can borrow something of mine" Skye smiles.

"Okay, thanks.. So what shall we do now is there anything interesting we can do in this house other then tv?"

"Well there's a trampoline outside" Skye suggests.

"Yes!! Let's do it"

(Skye's point of view)

We just got outside and she's just getting onto the trampoline damn.. Her ass is nice. I smack her ass playfully "hurry up and get on" I laugh.

"Okay okay! haha" Urgh I love her laugh, I quickly take off my shoes and get onto the trampoline.

"I'm going to catch you!" She says running after me.

"No you won't!!" I run laughing. Ally jumps on me and I land on my back. She's ontop of me right now looking into my eyes smirking, I smile nervously.

Ally slowly kisses me very passionately, she's so hot I just want her already but my dad will be back soon with my sister. I start to sit up with her on my lap still kissing her, I hold her face whilst I kiss her slowly, I've never tongued anyone before.. But I go for it. I slip my tongue inside her mouth and it feels great the moment it happens, she seemed to like taking control and she pushes me back down kissing me hard. She slowly grinds on me and it feels so good, We then hear a car and stop immediately. She gives me one last kiss and gets up and gives me her hand to pull me up.

"Time to ask my dad if your aloud round" I give a cheeky smile as I get up.

"Yep it is let's hope I'm aloud"

"You probably will be my dad always lets me have someone round for a sleepover" I take Ally's hand and whisper in her ear, "do you want to be mine?" She replies and smiles

"Yes I do" she lets go of my hand and we jump off the trampoline to go open the door for my dad and sister.

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