Feeling Alone

Laurie or "Widow" is a girl that ran away from her family, lives in a one bedroom apartment, and has a voodoo doll....Marcy. She is that type of 'Emo" girl every girl hates......but every "Fuck Face" Boy "hits" on. But if some one could free here of all her hate, would it work?


5. 5










                                                       Today was the worst day of my fucking life.  I was walking in the hall way when some little piece of shit grabbed me. He covered my mouth and pulled me down the hall. Then he slammed me in the boys bath room. He told all of the rest of the boys to scram. Then I reconnised his voice, that "Fuck Face" boy who was trying to grab my fucking breast. He then punched me in the face.


                                                        "Now.....lets have fun..." He said....I was getting raped. But then just before he did any thing to my body the principle  came in and pulled him away.  It was the worst experiance of my life. Worst then my mom going missing, worst then my dad dying, worst then getting abused by my step parents. After it the princeble dragged me in to the hall and asked me multiple questions......all of them I didn't answer. Soon above he gave up and walked down a hall. I watched as he said "hi" to students  and waved them on to class. But one he left alone, she must of been new. I ran into the girls bathroom and looked at my self in the mirror. Tears were streaming down my face. I tried to swallow down my pain and fear but it wouldn't work. So instead I grabbed Marcy out of my pocket and stabbed her like no tomorrow. A couple of people came in well I was stabbing Marcy including that girl with the black hair. I knew what they were thinking, I WAS INSANE! WELL....THATS JUST ME! I GUESS THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN WHEN YOU LOSS YOUR MOM WHEN YOUR 4, HAVE YOUR DAD DIE FROM BEING TO DRUNK AT AGE 7 AND GET FUCKING ABUSED SEXAULY, VERBALLY, AND VISICALLY BY YOUR STEP PARENTS INTELL WHEN YOUR 13 YOU FINALLY DESIDE YOU HAD ABOVE OF THIS SHIT AND RUN AWAY!!!!

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