SCNC, secessionist group or Truth fighter

SCNC is a group of people fighting to free Brithish Southern Cameroon


1. The Truth matter

Before you continue reading this document, please ask yourself this simple question.
What is secessionist for you? According to generals opinion is someone dedicate to separate an entity, a state. Base on that definition which we do not know if it is correct, let analyse SCNC movement and see if yes or not it is a secessionist group.
SCNC was found in 1995 because of La Republic Du Cameroun government was ignoring every Anglophone issues, every letter that was send to them in order to restore history mistake. At that time SCNC was recognise as political party in CAMEROON with an objective different from other political party, restore a huge history mistake which will lead to get back to federation. In 2001 SCNC was declare illegal by La Republic Du Cameroun because their action on the ground started to open people eyes. Some of us do not really understand what SCNC fight is and what the history mistake is.
Let us try to answer what the history mistake is. This take us back in 1960 when most of African countries was getting their independence from their formal tutor or master; in 1960 La republic Du Cameroun got their independence from France on the 1st January with their constitution. One year and ten month later the Southern Cameroon got their own independence by joining La Republic Du Cameroun into a federation; this lead to the creation of a second assembly in southern Cameroon, and a draw of a new constitution. This new constitution was supposed to be endorsed by both assemblies La Republic Du Cameroun and Southern Cameroon before been publish. Now the question is, was that the case? According to the report of the African Chamber of their 45 session that can be found here ( on annex4 we can say no. Let's assume that both assemblies endorsed it, in 1972 the constitution draw by la Republic Du Cameroun in 1961 was amend by them again forcing Southern Cameroon to join them in a so call union resulting in the dissolution of the southern Cameroon assembly and kept La republic Du Cameroun Assembly, divided Southern Cameroon in two provinces. Now let's look a bit closely to the 1961 constitution remember it was not endorsed by Southern Cameroon was never officially written in English, in it article 47 it said, "any proposal for revision of this Constitution affecting the unity and integrity of the federation is inadmissible" . You can find a French copy of it here( nowadays it is a forbidden document in Cameroun why? When that of 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996 and the 2008 constitution is not a problem at all to have with you, why not the 1961? Is La Republic Du Cameroun ashamed of that constitution? Pushing further, the African Chamber recognises in the document above, that La Republic Du Cameroun violated their article 4b which said "The Union shall function in accordance with the following principles: B Respect of borders existing on achievement of independence;" you can find it here ( ); this implicitly recognise the territory of Southern Cameroon. In that document, the African Chamber recognises that there is a constitutional problem between La Republic Du Cameroun and Southern Cameroun. Even worse La Republic Du Cameroun who was admitted at UN in 1960 had never respect the RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY DURING ITS FIFTEENTH SESSION that you can find here ( ) please click on 1541 (XV) you will see that La Republic Du Cameroun violated the article 73 under the UN charter.
All the evidence above just demonstrates that they were not unions between La republic du Cameroun and the Southern Cameroon so could we really label SCNC as a secessionist group when their main purpose is to restore the truth that had been hidden for so long to many of us. It is time to everyone to rise up and stand for what is right. Please do not choose the part of the history that suit you and throw away the rest of it. Today there are many people in jail because they start speaking out the truth that had been hidden to us; some are silently kill to frighten those who know the truth. SCNC motto is "the force of argument and not the argument of force" this alone show that SCNC is a pacific group of people who a sure that they have fact speaking in their favour, and the use of guns would not solve the problem if people mind set cannot change. Until now, those using guns and violence are La Republic Du Cameroun. SCNC like any other group who do not support the regime in Cameroun has no right to demonstrate, of speaking, or meeting in public or in private. I choose not to speak about my own story as it remind me bad memories but I choose to carry on fighting following our line of conduct the force of argument and not the argument of force as the truth is a powerful weapon.
I hope reading this raise in you some question about the SCNC and what we are struggling for
By Gutenberg N Mbakop

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