Born to Fail

It's about a girl and a boy who get trapped in Call of Duty.


1. Stuck

It was Friday, June 17th and Charlie Evans was expecting to have to leave the house. After all, her older brother's friends were coming over... And they were always a pain. Charlie do this and Charlie do that- they thought they owned the place just because they were older than her. Well she's had enough of it. Charlie decided that she wanted to play Call of Duty and she didn't give a damn that her brother's friends were going to want to play on the Playstation 4. Charlie also decided that she should probably wear pants.



"Yo Charlie we're home! Time to give us the console!" Alex said getting quite irritated.

"Why? I was here first!" She exclaimed.

"I was born first!" Alex responded.

"I don't care- leave me the hell alone!" Charlie screamed.

"I'm not gonna do whatever you want!" She added, thoroughly pissed at her brother.

"Okay, okay... We'll leave." Alex surrendered gesturing to his friends for them to go upstairs.

Thank god he left Charlie thought to herself as she kept playing the game that kept her mind occupied.



Once Alex, Michael, Eddie, and Jackson got upstairs they started to converse.

"I really wanted to play Fifa 2016..." Jackson groaned.

"I know right!" Michael agreed. "Who does she think she is anyways? What was she even playing?" Eddie asked.

Michael laughed in response. "Dude she was playing Call of Duty- ya know- one of the most popular games out there! I'm not surprised she's playing it... she's always been a bit unfeminine." Michael said, thinking every word through.

"True but she really does have a problem. She is obsessed with beating every version of that game." Alex sighed think back to how often she plays the game. "I'm not even sure she has friends anymore- she plays that game so much and never hangs out with anyone. The last time she's talked about school stuff was like... 7th grade." Alex added.

"No offense but your sister is at the bottom of the high school food chain. She hangs out with the nerds and geeks and she doesn't even really play any sports... Track doesn't really count but why doesn't she sit at our table like she used to? it would really help her out." Eddie pointed out. All of the boys started to think.

"Well we can start by getting her to stop playing that video game... Maybe I can reason with her." Michael suggested.

"Good idea!" Alex agreed.

"Totally!" Jackson added. Eddie just nodded. They discussed it a little more before Michael went downstairs to talk to Charlie... but as soon as he entered the room he was greeted with a bright light.

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