Trust Me, I Should Know.

This is the story of two sisters, Lilly and Rose, their father, Midas, and his strange new secret. The sisters know their father is hiding something from them and are hell-bent on finding out what... Whatever it takes.


4. Lilly - The Mysterious Noise.

As I paced in near-darkness I heard a mysterious noise. It sounded like a sobbing wail, one that was light with loss of determination, and heavy with the weight of long-held sadness. I went next door to Rose's room, but she was fast asleep, a contented smile glowing on her face. Next, I went downstairs to where my dad was also pacing. With a jolt I realized that it was from him the sound was coming. From my dad. My dad! The one that was always strong and ready with a solution to any problem, the one that was now pacing, with tears running down his face.

I almost crumbled with the weight of the sudden longing to give up. To run away from all that was happening. To never look back on this house or its crumbling walls again. But I stopped; I waited until I was strong enough to carry on; and then I would take a few more steps and the whole process would begin again. The thought that kept me going was this: 'he would never give up on you, he would never give up on you'. It was a lie, false, but it was the pure weight and size of it that dragged me down those stairs. That and that alone. In the kitchen I was just about to put my hand on his shoulder but he jumped back, he edged to the corner of the room as though I was some sort of wild animal. He cried and cried and cried but still he wouldn't let me comfort him. In fact my efforts to try seemed to have the opposite affect. He became more and more agitated and the worry lines that ought not to be there were etched into his face. I ran back up the stairs into my room and locked myself in. 

I reached under my bed and retrieved the secret diary I hid there. I hurriedly scribbled all over its pages, finding the courage and the power to write I never had in my voice. I slipped a note into its pages and let it drop on the soft carpet outside Rose's room. I ran away from it like my father had run away from me only moments ago. Although if my father ran away from me with fear then I had run away from that book with the confidence of a finished chore. I locked my bedroom door behind me, shut my eyes with barely withheld excitement, and waited.

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