Where Has the Time Gone

Remember when you were a kid and wished you were older or all grown up? Well this will make you realize and think twice.


1. Time lapse

     Who remembers being able to go play outside? You had to ask your parents to play, have a snack, sleep in their bed when you were scared, or even to just stay up an extra ten minutes. All you wanted in life was to be older so you can move out, do whatever you want, and just be on your own. Who else regrets those words?
     You’re 4 years old playing with toy trucks and having the greatest time of your life. No such thing as an iPhone or iPads. All you wanted to do was watch your cartoons and eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Going outside to play with your friends was amazing. Especially hide and seek.
     You’re 8 years old with a PlayStation playing video games with your friends. Your mom beings you and your friends some snacks and juice boxes having the most fun ever, right? Nothing was better than PlayStation and snack time. Remember?
     You’re 12 years old and you have a baseball game in a few hours. Before you go for baseball you’re sitting down having dinner with your family talking about how school was. It was an okay day. The work is getting a little harder and you’re getting bullied. Its okay though cause you have friends that stick up for you. You can’t wait to grow up.
     You’re 16 now. You constantly fight with your parents to stay out later. They tell you they have no money for you to go out and have a good time with friends. You have a girlfriend now and she’s all you want in life. You’ve just learned what sex is. You start driving and trying to impress your friends but your parents are embarrassing you.
     You’re 18 now. You can finally move out and be on your own. You don’t have to listen to your parents anymore. Parties were a huge deal then. Nothing but sex drugs and alcohol, right? All you want to do is go on a road trip or camping with your friends. Its time to start working and paying for your own things. It sucks. Time to grow up.
     You’re 21 and you can finally drink legally and you’ve just graduated college. Time to get a job and be a grown up. Time to start paying bills. You barely talk to your parents from that terrible fight you had over complete bullshit.
     You’re 25 now. You have a kid with the girl you married last year. You have to pay for baby clothes, food, electric bill, mortgage, etc. It sucks having to pay bills. The roads your parents drove you on are now the ones you drive down everyday. Remember thinking it was a two hour drive but in reality it was only twenty minutes?
     You’re 30 and still don’t talk to your parents. You don’t know how they are doing. You just got laid off your job. You have no money for food. You struggle with the bills. You have nowhere to turn to.
     You’re 40 years old. No job, no money, and your wife left you. You have no where to go because you lost the house. You found out your father has cancer and only has two weeks to live. Remember when you were 19 and had that fight? Its been 21 years since you’ve talked to them and now your father is going to die.
     You’re 45 years old and your father is dead and your mother is in a coma from that car accident. All because you forgot to change her brakes. You live at home with mommy and have no job. It sucks, right?
     You’re 50 years old. Your mother passed away and you are selling everything in the house to get by. Remember when you were 12 and couldn’t wait to grow up? 
     It was 58 years ago when you said you couldn’t wait to grow up. Well you’re all grown up now and have nothing. You have to work for everything and you don’t get everything handed to you. You parents are dead and you have everything in the world wrong with you.
     You’re aging slowly and dying even slower. You’re 83 years old and can barely walk. You need a walker to just get the mail. You have nobody because your friends are either dead or brain dead.
     You’re dead now. 87 years of your life have gone by in the snap of a finger. You couldn’t wait to grow up. It happened so fast. Think twice before you wish you were older. Think twice before you can’t wait to get older and be on your own. Think twice before you fight over something stupid and don’t talk to your parents for quite sometime. 
     Who remember asking your parents to go outside and play? Stay alive cause now you’re dead. Live it up.


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