Questioning myself

I'm a thirteen ear old girl, questioning her sexuality.


5. so this just happened today.

i usually DM my crush, friend, thingy, whatever regularly, sometimes she DM's me most of the time as i might have already told you that it usually ends up in memes. Another thing i should tell you, this girl nearly committed suicide because she thought the guy she liked didn't like her, and started self-harming ( I am under the assumption she has stopped so do not worry sie ist fine) because she found out one of her best friend (who is a boy) liked her. she is a tomboy she is far more comfortable around boys. So no matter how much people ask i REALLY can't tell them! 

Anyway in one of my usual dm's at some point she will usually end up talking to her boyfriend on skype while talking to me and on this particular day he asked to join the conversation. Luckily we had to start a new DM so he didn't read all the secretly flirtatious tings i had sent her... yes. so i basically felt like the third wheel and it was horrible! never again. 

that wasn't the most awkward thing though! i'm starting a youtube channel! you will not be given the link! but i had to do a QandA with my step sister as my first video and she wrote out all the questions so i had to just sit and answer everyone without giving away that my crush was infact a girl. So as well as almost giving myself away in Food Tech that morning when a boy i sat across from said he had a crush on my english teacher and my friend said ew and i replied well. so yeah... they are convinced i'm a lesbian...

i love how they assume my sexuality before i actually know it. 

but yeah so my days gone great, turns out i'm a super hypochondriac and i like writing about it and releasing it here. fun. i cant even tell my actually parents r friends about this incase i accidently lead someone to a mental breakdown but i can tell you guys. +someone commented and said how relatable this was, thank you it is really nice to know that there are people out there under the same boat!

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