The running

This story is about my 9th birthday and my best friend which takes me to wear I will find out I love him


1. The Running

He was running, I was running. I think were tied so far so I push harder even though my sides are in horrible pain. I don’t want to pull a muscle but I have to win, I have to get there first. The hill seems bigger now that we're running then it did from down below and all I know is that I have to get to the top and not give up. I just can’t fail not today it’s my day to win. I just can’t have another day of humiliation from him telling everyone I’ve lost again.



I awake to the smell of my favorite meal strawberry smoothies and pancakes homemade, because today is my birthday. I barrel down the stairs of my small duplex home to find all my neighbors and family waiting for me, I catch the eyes of my best friend or should I say Mason. He is my only friend but we have nothing in common but the love to run. I hate the way he makes me feel frozen because of his competitive nature but like I said he’s my only friend and I end up eating fast not wanting it to be like this anymore,

“Why so fast stiff?” Mason whispers in my ear. I hate the that he calls me stiff even if it makes sense but it’s only because of the way he makes me act when he picks on me stiff I think, I look at him with a big glare and my mom notices.

“So hows your birthday?” my mom says annoyed with my behavior,

“It’s great mom thanks,” and I sound just as annoyed as her.


When I finish my breakfast I try and take in all that just happened I should've been nicer I was really rude. I see Mason out of the corner of my eyes so I turn around to face him. He grabs my arm and I know I shouldn't so I just think it what! And I know I shouldn’t of even done that.   



I walk out the door in my favorite pair of stretchy pants and camo green shirt, the air thick the temp hot I wish I didn’t put this on. I see Mason across the parking lot in the patch of greenish grass waving to me to come but I don’t want to, before I turn to go back inside I start to walk that turns into a jug over I fell for it again

“Don’t waste your energy!” He says. As I get to the patch and start to walk towards him he states

“I got a surprise for you.” .He grabs my arm lightly just yank your arm free and leave go have fun. The thought bubbles through my head I reject it and let him pull me.



“Are we almost there?” bored and anxious to see what he has in store for me. As we draw off the stretch of road and start walking into what seems to be a forest of oak trees going up, up a hill.

“We're almost there,” Mason says with a little bit of anxiousness in his voice as well,

“Where is there any way?” I sound annoyed because we’ve been walking for 15 minutes know. From my hopes I hope we’re almost there especially since I start to get fed up after he drags me into a 5 foot wide tree that gives me a scrap on my shoulder that I should clean right away, but who cares.


Finally we halt to a stop and I bump into his back not paying attention. Where are we all I see is a hill and all of a sudden I realize what he wants to do,

He wants to run.

“Are you ready?” he yells even though we are only feet apart,

“Ye…,” and he’s off before I could even finish, and all of a sudden I’m running only inches behind him. I know I’m fast but not as fast as him but I keep running as fast as I can anyway. Soon I lose him in the trees and the sweet, pungent smelling flowers around my feet that I want to stop and smell but I know that I can’t.


I know I’m in front of him now I want to cheer but I can’t he shouldn’t be that far behind. I hear his panting behind me he’s not using the breathing technique I showed him last week. Of course all of a sudden I lightly trip over a trunk of a old tree but I keep running not wanting to lose first place knowing that if I lose he will humiliate me when we get home. But I know that I’m going to win this time because I start to see the to bright of a sun in front of me and I smile.


When I get to the top I know I’ve won because only seconds later he’s beside me. We don’t even say anything for at least two minutes we just take in all of the things around us the sun in the perfect spot, the yellow and purple lovely smelling flowers, and the tall green grass I even see a bunny but I don’t point I just look.

    “It’s beautiful isn't it?”

    “Yeah,” we both say it ever so gently not even a mouse can be so calm. But Why did he bring me here and know I know why I have to work my hardest for him to give me what I want.

    “Happy birthday stiff!” and I wish he would just shut up.

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