Miracolina Diaz a girl who's lived under the hollowed house out in the country for years. Tangled with the chains, and the roots of the house, Mira longs for the life outside. The only thing keeping her sane is her music box.
But a wanderer might change all of that.
Suddenly, Mira is out in the world again, trying to reclaim the life that was taken from her. Questions arise in her-why was she stuck under that house for so long? Who put her in there? Where is her family?


1. Prelude

    It wasn't suppose to be like this. They were suppose to choose someone else-never me. I had dreams, journeys, paths that I wanted to take. They should've chosen Emmylin, the one girl who actually prepped her body for this.

     But they called my name.

    Now with my music box being the only thing that I can take, I walk to the under of the basement. The speech is given to me, how what I'm doing is going to save the town. I don't say what's on my mind- that me saving this shit hole of a town is ironic enough.

   The old woman rubs oil on my eyes carefully, whispering the words that I cannot pronounce. She stands me up, leaning me against the wall.

   "This is going to hurt a little." she whispers.

     Roots and chains that weren't there before circle around me body, digging into the skin of my arms and legs. They wrap around the entire length of my arms, and legs, jabbing, and stabbing the inside of my skin. I let out whimpers, as the feeling is like needles struggling inside me.

   Once I think I'm going to pass out; but that is it. The pain is gone. I cannot move away from this spot. As I'm about to ask the woman a question, I suddenly realize that I'm alone.

    I will be here for the rest of my life; alone, and forgotten.


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