Miracolina Diaz a girl who's lived under the hollowed house out in the country for years. Tangled with the chains, and the roots of the house, Mira longs for the life outside. The only thing keeping her sane is her music box.
But a wanderer might change all of that.
Suddenly, Mira is out in the world again, trying to reclaim the life that was taken from her. Questions arise in her-why was she stuck under that house for so long? Who put her in there? Where is her family?


3. My Hands

      My hands both disgust and amaze me. Because of the entanglement of both the chains and the vines, they are red, and my veins look black. It sounds painful, but really I don't feel anything. I can still close my hands, wiggle my fingers, and all that.

   Even though the old woman had me standing, I never tire. I can stand forever, sometimes nodding off and dreaming, sometimes awake. If the woman was going to do this to me, could she have least  me a permanent sleeping spell? Why leave me awake, tortured and sad as I think about the life that I could've had?

   Tears form in my eyes. But they never fall, as my body needs all the liquid to keep me hydrated. I don't feel hunger and sometimes I wonder if it would've been better had I been dead instead.

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