Miracolina Diaz a girl who's lived under the hollowed house out in the country for years. Tangled with the chains, and the roots of the house, Mira longs for the life outside. The only thing keeping her sane is her music box.
But a wanderer might change all of that.
Suddenly, Mira is out in the world again, trying to reclaim the life that was taken from her. Questions arise in her-why was she stuck under that house for so long? Who put her in there? Where is her family?


6. Last Words

       My hands have the last letter, crumpled. I stand with my head leaning against the wall, and it takes my all not to throw it at the other side of the room.

      Tears prick my eyes, but they don't fall as they are absorbed. I close my eyes wanting- no needing to forget the last thing that Mom wrote.

      Her words repeat over and over: I didn't want to write this, as it would add to your pain of being the Sacrificed One, but I need to tell you this. The Oracle has predicted that there will be a Wanderer who will come upon you. When he finds you, and if he manages to release you from the chains, he will give you freedom. But I'm begging you, Mira do NOT go with him. Once you step onto the world, you will summon ~~~~~~~, the goddess. And she will take one or all of you. I know you must hate me. How could I ask of you to refuse your freedom? 

     How could you indeed, Mother.

      I close my eyes and weep

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