Boy meets girl

He likes her and she likes him but their love is forbidden. They come from two different friendship groups and their friends would kill them if they got together. But when a new boy comes to school things get heated,maybe he's the one for her...


1. Wow....



hey this is my first story so no hate please contains adult language.

*sams POV*

She's so gorgeous I swear I would give anything to hold her like that. I was staring again she has a new boyfriend and they're so in love,at least that's what the say.oh no she's looking over again I must look so stupid, I'm such a dick! She probably doesn't even notice me, I'm just a stupid nerd!

*danas POV*

He looks so hot, no I'm not talking about my boyfriend Jayden, Sam. I know he notices but I just don't know if it's in a good way. Me and my "clique" always get noticed as the bitches but we're harmless really. Oh god he saw me staring I've got to stop I'm happywith Jayden. Who am I kiddingthis life, I wouldn't wish it on any one. I'm expected to get great grades but I'm not allowed to use spare time to study it's not cool and gives the wrong look. I don't give a fuck what I look like. I wish he would just talk to me, Sam ily.

Sorry if it's no good but ya know ✌🏻

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