Hey Little Girl

hey girl be careful, take care of your heart.


1. LIttle Girl.

Hey Little Girl,

Be careful, take care of your heart, 

don't fall in love or you'll fall apart.


He will promise you every good thing,

and even give you a promise ring.

He will kiss you in the most beautiful way,

and tell you that he'll always stay.


He will ignite your heart,

and tell you that you're a piece of art. 

He will look at you in a beautiful way, 

and soon his love will fade away. 


He will leave you without any reason, 

and you'll realize that his love changed just like a season.

you'll always miss the past,

and have a heartache that will always last.


Hey Little Girl,

be careful, take care of your heart 

don't fall in love or you'll fall apart. 

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