Good Girl, Bad Boy


1. The Truth Spills

Chapter one – The Truth Spills

Scarlet’s P.O.V

Summer holidays were finally over, here comes a new year.

We were seniors now.

I walked down the school halls with Allison my best friend, I mentally rolled my eyes to the people who are staring at us and giving us the evils, it’s not like we’ve done anything wrong.

I drag Allison out of the school building, once we were outside away from the people, I looked at a very nervous Allison.

“Are you going to tell me, what is going on?” She sighed and glanced down.

She looked up at me with a guilty look plastered on her face. “You promise you won’t get mad?” I wasn’t really nervous but now that it seems a little serious. I am starting to feel nervous.

“Ally, what is it?” I asked her by calling her nickname.

She groaned covering her eyes. “I’m in a relationship.” That was all?

I smile happy for her, a little disappointed that she didn’t tell me sooner, but I’m more happy for her than disappointed.

She uncovered her eyes. I grab her shoulders, “That’s great Ally! When did this happen? Who asked who? Wait, you never mentioned about liking the guy before? Who is this guy?” I was curious.

Her expression showed me that she was scared or worried more like. “It’s Seth Roberts.” My eyes widen, now I understood why she didn’t tell me.

Seth’s best friend.

My lips parted slightly, confused and shocked. “Ally why didn’t you tell me before?”

Her eyes softened.  “I didn’t think you’d be okay with it.”

I sighed. “I’m happy for you, if he makes you happy then that’s all that matters,” she smiled pulling me into a hug.

We both pull apart. “Next time tell things sooner.”

She joined, “Agreed.”


I was heading over to my history class.

Allison explained to me about her relationship with Seth, when it happened which was only last day of summer holidays, and why she didn’t tell me sooner.

The reason she didn’t tell me was because of Seth’s best friend, Axel Storm the guy I dislike. Being in the same kindergarten and middle class was already enough for me. He would always try to prank me countless of times, until we came to high school, he paid less attention on getting me and was more interested in getting laid. He was a womanizer.

As I was walking past people and moving out of there way, I adjusted my bag on my shoulder. I sigh closing my eyes, is this how senior is going to be? I open my eyes then my eyes widen as I saw Axel Storm walking towards me or probably not. Damn me for not bring my glasses. What surprised me was that he was looking at me, giving me a blank expression.

If looks could kill.

I panicked and walked the other way, guess I’ll be late to History class.

Does this mean that Allison and Seth are together, Axel is going to be there?

I stopped breathing when someone’s hand latched on my wrist.

I turned around hoping it wasn’t who I thought it was.

“Hey cutie,” I sighed in relief when I heard his voice. I turned around smiling as he kissed my cheeks.

As Jake my boyfriend pulled away, I felt a wind go past me. I turned to see who it was, Axel. He was walking by himself and clearly wasn’t bothered by the girls giving him the flirty looks. I wonder if he knows about Seth and Allison’s relationship?

“Hey, you okay?” Jake snapped away my thoughts.

I smiled, “I’m fine.” I fixed his collar shirt. “How was practice?”

He grinned. “We did good, I think we’re going to win, I mean when have we ever lost?” he said winking, I chuckled. Suddenly he frowned. “Would have been much better if my girlfriend showed up and supported me.” He said looking down.

I let go his shirt as I looked down as well. “You know why I couldn’t show up.” Jake huffed like a child. I rolled my lips in my mouth to stop myself from laughing. “Jake?” I whispered trying to get his attention by poking his chest. “I’m sorry,” I whispered again.

He laughed and pulled me in a hug. “How is she now?”

I smile against his chest, we both pull away. “She’s okay, she has a new boyfriend now.” I said smirking, Jake’s eyes widen in amusement.

We began walking to class, the quick before I walked away in a different direction to avoid Axel.

“Who’s the lucky guy?” he asked putting his arm around me.

“Seth Roberts.” I didn’t know if Jake liked him or not, but I said it anyway, too late to take it back.

“Oh right, isn’t his friend Axel Storm?” he asked unsure.

I nodded biting my lip. “Yep.” I said popping the ‘p’ I wasn’t sure if Jake was okay with any of it.

What he said next surprised me. “Stay away from him.” He warned.

I furrowed my eyebrows, “Why?” I asked curiously, Jake’s never acted like this before.

“Because I said so,” he said not looking at me, I didn’t know if he was mad? He was very hard to read.

I stop, which made him turn around to face me. “Why did you stop?”

I look at him in the eye. “Why don’t you want me near him?”

He gave me a blunt look. “Are you seriously asking me this?” I was confused, he seemed to notice. “Scar, he just came out of jail this summer, which was just last week. He had a gun attempting to shoot it at someone.” I look down, Jake was protecting me and I’ m questioning him about why I should stay clear away from Axel.

I did hear the news about Axel going to jail and 2 weeks later coming out of jail. There was rumours going on about him attempting to shoot someone with a gun. But I just didn’t believe them.

“Hey, I’m just looking out for you.” Jake said lifting my chin, so I could look at him in the eye.

I nod. “Come on, let’s go to class.”

I’m sorry Jake, I don’t think I could stay away from him. His best friend is in a relationship with my best friend, of course I would be seeing him a lot. I just don’t think I could stay away from him.

“Here’s your class.” Jake said smiling holding my hands.

I smiled back, “Thanks again.”

He kissed me on the lips softly, before I can respond he pulls away. “See you later Cutie.” Jake said walking away.

I shook my head walking in to class.

I entered my history class with people settling down in new seats.


I was startled when Mr Wailes came over to me. “Ah, Miss Robinson. We have a new seating plan after the summer holidays, we want a fresh start.” Mr Wailes said proudly with a smile on his face, I smiled, he checked his sheet of paper. “Your seat is at the back, hopefully your partner will show up in this class soon.” He said sternly, I nod not wondering who my partner is.

How bad can the person be?

I sat down in my seat, taking out my huge world History big along with my note book and pen.

“Right class,” Mr Wailes started clapping his hands in excitement. “I want everyone to open their world History book on page 51 and 52.”

I heard people groan at what we were learning about.



Finally lunch had arrived.

Unfortunately  Jake couldn’t make it, he and his team wanted to do a great job at his next match.

I got a message from Allison saying:

Sender: Allison

Time: 12:25pm


I’m at the cafeteria with Seth, you’ll see us once you come through the entrance :)

I lock my phone.

As I enter the cafeteria feeling hungry, I search around hoping to find Allison and Seth.

I walk into the cafeteria, people engrossed with whatever they were talking about. There was so many groups, the nerds, the jocks and cheerleaders, the music bands and the average. I guess I would class myself between the nerds and the average.

I stop looking when I see Allison laughing at what Seth had told her in her ear.

I walk over to them, I wonder what I say too Seth?

“Scarlet!” Allison said in a chirpy voice, she smiled brightly. She looked at me then Seth and then slapped her forehead. “Oh, you guys have already met in middle school remember?” me and Seth look at each other, the truth was that Seth would always be there to help Axel, fix his problems and everything. But we never really spoken, same thing for Allison. “Although we never spoke to each other.” Allison said looking down in embarrassment.

I pull a chair and sit down opposite Allison. It almost felt uncomfortable, he is friends with Axel Storm! Of course it would be uncomfortable.

Allison breaks the silence. “So where’s Jake?”

“Oh he’s practicing for an upcoming soccer match.” I said smiling.

Allison came to realisation. “Oh yeah, I heard something about that.” She carried on. “Are they celebrating?”

“I think there celebrating tonight?” At least that’s what happens after they win a there games.

I was about to ask Allison something but her eyes slightly widen, she was looking at something behind me. She said something Seth, which I barely heard.

I felt left out. “Umm…Is anyone going to tell us what’s going on?”

I was about to turn around and see, but Allison quickly grabbed my arms stopping me from turning around. “NO!” she yelled, both me and Seth looked at her weirdly.

Seth then shook his head, standing up and walking away as I took my wrist away from Allison.

She gave me a worried look, as I turned around to look at what was happening behind.

My eyes searched around the cafeteria, until my eyes widen.

Axel Storm was walking towards our table, he and Seth were talking about something and they laughed as Axel’s eyes flickered to me.

I quickly turned to face Allison with a worried expression on her face.

“What is he doing here?” I half shouted and half whispered.

She looked away sheepishly. “Well since me and Seth are dating, Axel is going to be joining us, just like you on some occasions.”

I tried containing my anger. “Why didn’t you tell me before?!”

“I thought you would off known? You’re a smart girl.” She pointed out, I guess I should of seen it coming.

Allison spoke up again. “Scar, why do you care so much whether Axel comes or not?”

To be honest, I didn’t know myself the reason to it. I don’t know why I cared so much? Why do I get worked up for it?

I shouldn’t care if he shows up, I’m doing this for my best friend.

I didn’t have time to answer her because Seth and Axel showed up.

I kept my eyes on Allison as she gave me a nervous smile, I looked away from her when Axel sat next to me.

Is this what’s going to happen from now on?

Get prepared Scarlet, hell’s about to break loose.


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