Can death love?

Death, it can be quick and painless, or slow and agonizing, but what if he loved a mortal?


1. unexpected

Death, the grim reaper, all the names he goes by, a crule and hated person often seen as a faceless, scythe welding, black coated person, that takes the lives of the innocent. But you are truly mistaken, he looks like any of us, short messy black hair, baggy jeans and a gray shirt, he wears a bandana to cover most of his face. Yet, no one can see him, being invisible to everyone and everything, must be lonely, he wishes to speak or to shake hands, but everything he touches shrivels and dies. 

Then it happened on a cold rainy day, the clouds flooded the skies, as he watched from a distance, a girl, holding her bag close with the rain drenching her clothes. He walked over curious, she looked him dead in the eyes, he froze staring back at her, alarmed he stumbled backwards. "I'm sorry to startle you," she said in a hushed tone, he looked up at her, 'she's blind.' Then the bus came, he watched her drive away, and something happened inside him, it may be love at first sight. So for days, weeks, months, he observed her, she was lonely, he often saw her alone during the day. At night he followed her home to make sure she was safe.

This was love, he was sure of it, many times he tried to bring gifts, but the moment he touched them they began to shrivel, no matter what it was. Till one day, she seemed even more miserable, she wasn't eating or sleeping, it pained him to see her like this, but she stood a walked over, the two of them looked at each other for a moment, before she extended her hand to touch him. He quickly backed away, shaking his head furiously. She stopped, and began to cry, tears rolled down her cheeks and landed on the floor. She was sick and suffering, he knew that, he just didn't want to say goodbye. With a heavy heart he walked over, caressing her cheek, she looked up at him, and smiled, 'I love you.' She mouthed, he pulled his bandana down, a left a kiss of her lips as her body when limp in his arms, he laid her down, and sat by her body, the carpet under him began to rot, shriveling away. He had been with her for many months now, it was hard for him to leave, he held on to her hand, one last time, before he vanished into the night

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