Crafty Allies

Dragorina isn't just friends with pokemon, it's got lots of friends in every world. In the Minecraft dimension though, it's got quite a few friends, the mob leaders, the kings and queens of the different mobs in the world of Minecraft. The Enderdragon however has never been all that interested in making friends with anyone. And when he's tricked into helping a power evil pokemon wanting to take out the mob leaders, disaster falls on the mob leaders and it's up to Dragorina to keep them out of trouble.


1. Evil meet Ender

So let me just start off saying one thing. This story is insanity. It's not like the others you've read. We're still facing evil Pokémon, but the situation is...well, different. So this story is set in the Minecraft dimension, and if you know anything about Minecraft, you know there are a lot of monsters, referred to as mobs. However, what's not so known is that just about every mob has their leader. To natives, they are known at the Mob Leaders, the great Kings and Queens of the Minecraft mobs. Unless you're me, and know them personally. Then they are more like the outlandish, semi-insane, uncouth, and unorganized weirdos. Of course, I mean that with a good heart; after all we are friends. But seriously, they have problems. You'll see exactly what I mean. Anyways, they are all extremely powerful, stronger than mostly any other thing you could find in the world of Minecraft, naturally with the exception of the mythical Herobrine.  Although, he's a different problem himself altogether, so that's for different story. The Mob Leaders are a force to be reckoned with; the ferocious Enderdragon doesn't stand the slightest chance against a single of them, even the most feeble ones. And that is what brings us to this story. The Enderdragon is not all too amiable, even with me. And facing him isn't a problem, what he allies with, is.


'This will be good. Once I trick this sorry excuse of a dragon into helping me gain control and destroy the Minecraft Mob Leaders, I'll be able to gain more supremacy without having to hardly do work myself.'
*Approaches Enderdragon*
"Do not fret, I'm here only to help you with your...problem."
*turns to leave*
"Alright, I just pondered, perhaps you were tired of all the people coming, slaying you, then stealing your precious egg." 
"What do I mean? I'll lend you a hand. You'll be stronger than anything in Minecraft. Of course if you don't want that..."
"NO! I mean... what do I need to do?"
"Conquer, capture and eradicate the Minecraft Mob Leaders."
"ARE YOU INSANE?! I cannot fight them! Not even one! They all have an abundance of abilities, health, power, spe-'
"You leave that to me. I have my ways, they won't have the chance to fight back."

The newly-founded alliance, convinced they had the upper hand, readied themselves to start their mission.

However, they were completely unaware of a particular Enderman, Eddy, the King of the Endermen, eavesdropping on their conversation.

'This can't be good at all. I better tell Dragorina," thought Eddy as he teleported away.

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