Lost Hearts

Kandice Calwfeild is a 16 year old girl ready to talk on the world with her best friend Jackson Sanders. Who knows? There could be some romance brewing.


4. Stephanie Billings

I woke up this morning at 7:30 am.  I had uber bed head so I spent an hour on my hair. I walked to my makeup table and whipped up a couple of products.  Some of them were, concealer, blue eye shadow,  Chap stick , mascara,  black eye shadow,  and rose red lipstick. I finally finished and can I say I looked absolutely amazing. 

I had to call Jackson and tell him all about my amazing success. So I dialed his number, took a deep breath and he picked up. 

"Hello.." he said then yawned

"Hey, babe you won't believe what happened this morning " and I went on about my success. He seemed not to care. But I went on. 

"Hey, Steph, let's talk later" he said still extremely tired.

"Umm, why?" I asked 

"I'm at a friends house " he said. I faintly heard a female voice in the back ground. I decided to leave it alone. Wait?! Was that girl calling me shallow?! 

"Fine!" I said quickly and hung up. He'll explain later. Right? 

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