Lost Hearts

Kandice Calwfeild is a 16 year old girl ready to talk on the world with her best friend Jackson Sanders. Who knows? There could be some romance brewing.


5. Kandice cawlfeild

I woke up on Jax's chest, hearing him talking on the phone with Stephanie.  Stephanie was telling him how amazing she looked.

"Can she really be that shallow?", I said not noticing how loud I was. She quickly hung up after that. I don't think I was that loud was I?  Well after that me and Jax broke into random laughter.  Wait. Wasn't he dating Stephanie? Why is he laughing, when I obviously pissed her off. 

He suddenly stopped laughing "I'm thinking of ending it with her " 

I stiffened why the sudden decision.  Was it me? Did I Influence his decision? Oh Crap. Stephanie would kill me if that was the case.  "Are you sure about this Jax?" I asked with the nicest voice possible when discussing his bitch of a girlfriend. 

"I just can't take it any more. She's just not for me. She never was. You get it, right Kandy?" He looked at me with sincere eyes and a straight face.

"Yeah, Jackson, I get it" I took a deep breath and looked into his blue-green eyes.

 "I love you Kandice" he put his hand on my leg, without taking his gaze off my now rose red face.  I placed my hand over his.

" I-I love you too" I managed to get out,  though still stumbling over my words. He then leaned over and softly kissed me.  Which sent a warm feeling all throughout my body.  I hugged him in tears. I said " I've never loved anyone, anyone more than you" I said trying my hardest not to stutter. The emotion I felt at that moment was so complex,  I couldn't explain it. No matter how hard I tried,  I could not contain how I felt. So, I managed to let it out.  I felt comfortable confiding in Jax. Even though it was about him. I felt safe...

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