Brothers Best Friend

Ashton's best friends are Calum, Luke and Michael. Your Ashton's little sister. You like Calum (I mean who doesn't). Calum likes you except he doesn't show it around his friends and his friends always seem to be around. ahhhhh! One small problem after revealing feelings for each other you and Calum share a romantic moment he leans in to kiss you and ashton sees! that's not the only thing. you've been best friends with luke since you were three.the next day luke tells you he likes you!
(DISCLAIMER this is only my second story sorry if its a bit shitty and in 4 days I'm going to see 5 seconds of summer omg!!!)


1. Noise!

"Ashton what the fuck is all the noise about?" I ask marching into his room to see him stood on top of his bed shrieking like a 5 year old girl. he points the wall next to where I'm stood, I turn my head and see a huge spider casually sat on the wall. "OMG!" I scream running out of the room and downstairs followed by Ashton into the living room where our mum was are sat. I'm wearing pyjama shorts and a camisole and well Ashton, Ashton's in his boxers bearing all.

"what the hell is going on up there!" mum had a crazy look on her face. "There's a huge spider on my wall!" Ashton was still hysterical. " Well when you dad gets back I'll tell him to get it out" we both start to walk away "oh and calum rang he said he was gonna come over he said he needed to talk to you" Ashton turned around I kept walking " he wanted to talk to you Y/N" my face lit up and ashton and mum looked at me weirdly " what are you looking at?"  They both answered in sync "nothing". I went up stairs to my room , I intended to get changed but my phone buzzed and I sat for 10 mins looking through my news feed. I looked at the time. "Shit Calum will be here any secon-" he walked through the door he must have heard me say that.crap!

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