The Marauders and the Secret

The story about James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily a twist of Molly Prewett (Weasley), Arthur Weasley and a hunch of Tom Riddle. And some others


2. Platform 9 & 3/4

'James honey hurry up!' called his mother, 'You will be late for the train!' James threw his last books into the trunk and slammed it closed. He dragged his trunk downstairs into the kitchen. 'Oh! This is so exciting!' squeeked Euphemia excitedly. James's father loaded the trunk into the car. 'Best be off. Don't want to be late now do we?' said Fleamont. 'Right!' said James and sat in the car. 'Oh! I'm so proud!' squeeled his mother 'My little boy all grown and off to Hogwarts!' It was a quiet ride when his mother had finished going on about how proud she was and how excited and happy. At some point the car stopped. James looked up and found himself at King's Cross station. He jumped out of the car and dragged his mother inside with his father behind pushing the cart. When he finally stopped between platform 9 and 10 he realized there was no sign that said platform 9 & 3/4. 'Mum? Where is it? Mum it's gone!' said James 'Don't worry sweetheart you just have to run right there at the wall between platform 9 and 10 see I'll do it first if you're scared.' she said and ran into the wall between platform 9 and 10. 'Go on son' said his father who had arrived behind him exhausted. James closed his eyes and ran towards the wall. After a little while ha stopped running because it couldn't be that he hadn't run into the wall yet. He found himself on a completely different platform. He saw a big sign on the train infront of him; 


                                                       HOGWARTS EXPRESS


He sighed relieved and looked up at the sign beside him. 'Platform 9 & 3/4,' he whispered. His father came through the wall behind him. 'James honey are you coming?' He heard his mother calling further down the platform. He ran down to her and she put her arm around his shoulder. They walked down the platform. Swarms of people were gathering around. He passed the red haired girl. 'I promise I won't forget you Pet' she said frustrated to the girl who was so plain and boring. She was crying. He could see that the boy with the black hair was waiting for the girl with the red hair in the train. He hugged his mother and father goodbye. 'Be good James.' said his mother with tears in her eyes. 'Goodbye James' said his father and James dragged his trunk onto the train. He started to look for an empty cabin. After a while he found one. He pushed the door open and sat down by the window. He saw his mother further down the platform.  Waving like a crazy person. James sat down again. After a little while he could feel the train starting to move. He stood up to the window and waved at his parents until they were out of sight. ' I am so proud of you honey bunny!' said his mother quickly when the train passed her. Soon they were out of sight and he sat back down again. He looked out the window. The door slid open and Sirius was grinning at him in the door. He sat down next to James. Remus and Peter sat down opposite them.  'What house do you reckon you'll be in?' asked Peter. 'I want to be in Gryffindor but I thing I'll be sorted into Ravenclaw.' said Remus 'Gryffindor' said Sirius and James at the same time. 'Anything from the trolley?' They heard a woman's voice asking. 'Anything from the trolley?' she said again. She stopped in front of their compartment. She wasn't old maybe close to fifty or so. She slid the compartment door open. 'Anything from the trolley dears?' she asked 'Um I'll have 10 chocolate frogs, licorice wands, pumpkin pasties and every flavour beans please.' said James. 'Here you go dear' said the lady '3 galleons please.' James gave her 3 galleons and she slid the compartment door closed again. 'Anything from the trolley?' they heard for a little while and then she was gone. 'Go on help yourselves' said James to Remus and Peter. There was no need to ask Sirius because he had already started eating. 'Did you see the red headed girl and the black haired boy?' asked Sirius, 'Yes,' said Peter and Remus. 'Pathetic don't you think?' he asked, 'Dont say that Sirius! That's rude! Or at least for the girls sake it is you might be right about the boy.' said James standing up. 'In love are you mate?' teased Sirius. James didn't answer he sta quietly back down again and looked out the window embarressed. 'Bloody hell!' said Sirius 'Sweet mother Teresa! You actually are in love with her!'  Sirius dropped his half-eaten pumpkin pastie and his jaw fell to the ground. 'So what if I am it's none of your bloody business!' James defended himself. 'Let's not get into a fight shall we?' asked Remus calmly. 'Right,' said James and sat back down again. 'Speak of the devil,' said Remus as the compartment door slid open. The red haired girl was standing there. 'Have you seen Severus? He has black hair. I think he is hiding from me to tease me.' she asked. Sirius burst in laughter and James had thrown himself under the seats before she had seen him. 'No, sorry' said Remus politely. 'Well you better change I think we will be there soon.' She closed the door again and left. James slowly crawled out from under the seats. Sirius was still laughing. 'She is never going to fall for you she is WAY to obsessed with that Severus kid. More like Snivellus'   They all laughed. Eventually they took Lily's advice and changed into their Hogwarts robes. 'Do you really think I don't stand a chance?' asked James 'Nope not one' said Sirius 'Well maybe we can at least be friends,' said James talking to himself more than the others. Sirius seemed to realize that because he didn't seem to say a word against it. 'Why did she scold you?' James asked Sirius, 'Pardon me?' asked Sirius 'In Diagon Alley. Your mum why did she scold you?' said James. James opened a chocolate frog. 'Who'd you get?' asked Peter 'Um..' said James stuffing the frog in his mouth. 'Godric Gryffindor,' he said and stuffed it in his pocket. James could see that he had hit a soft spot because Sirius didn't say anything for the rest of the train ride. After a while the train finally slowed. 'First years!' said a womans voice. 'First years this way!' James turned to lool where it came from. A woman was standing further down the platform. She had black hair pulled up into a tight bun and wore emerald green robes. 'First years!' she called again. James, Sirius, Remus and Peter made their way through the crowds. When the last cariages had left and only first years were left she said in the same strict voice. 'My name is professor McGonagall,' 'I don't think she is someone to cross.' whispered James. 'Please follow me' she said, turned and walked down the platform. Eventually they arrived at the edge of a lake. Boats where hooked into the ground. 'Only four children per boat please!' said professor McGonagall. James, Remus, Peter and Sirius climbed into a boat. They sailed out onto the lake. The night was clear. Lights popped up on top of a hill. James could make out a shape of a castle. James had never seen anything like it. 'Wow..' he said. 'You can say that out loud,' said Remus. There it was shining beautifully in the night. Hogwarts


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