Pixie Dust

I've written this story for pixar competition. An adventure of a boy who loves stars and meets pixies.


1. Pixie Dust. ,

Once upon a time there was a boy named Franklin. He lived in a small town with his parents and siblings. Franklin was a good boy. He was twelve years old. He lived in a beautiful house. His room was upstairs. There was a window beside his bed. Each night he lay upon the bed staring at the stars. he loved to look at them as they shined brightly in darkness. He usually fell asleep watching the stars. 

One night he was looking at the stars. He noticed that stars weren't shining like before. There were less stars in the sky and they were also looking a little bit dull. Franklin wondered what happened to the stars and thinking all this he fell asleep. 

He dreamt about a golden gateway which lead to a star. He realized that he was visiting a star in dream. There were thousand of pixies on the star. Pixies were dancing and welcomed him. Pixies told him that their queen wanted to meet him. They took him o a palace. It was a magical palace made of gold and silver. Franklin looked at the palace with amazement. He entered the palace along with pixies. Entrance was made of glittery glass. Queen was sitting on her throne. She was a beautiful pixie wearing a beautiful silver gown. She had golden wings that had jewels on them. She greeted Franklin and told him that stars shined because of the pixies. They danced and sprinkled their pixie dust which made the stars shine. Franklin was surprised. The queen told Franklin that they needed his help if he wants the stars to shine always. Queen told Franklin about a darkness evil who was capturing the pixies and imprisoning them because he wanted to spread darkness by quenching the light of every star. Every day the evil visited the stars and captured the pixies. He was very powerful as compared to pixies so pixies couldn't fight him. Pixies needed Franklin to help them or else all the stars would stop shining soon. 

Franklin opened his eyes and realized that he had been dreaming whole night. It was early morning and Franklin started to get ready for school. In school he kept on thinking about the last night's dream. He wondered if it was just his imagination or there were pixies on stars in reality who needed his help. After school Franklin came home and had lunch, he went to his room and closed his eyes to take some rest but all he could think about was night, stars, pixies and darkness evil. 

At night he lay upon his bed and looked at stars. He was shocked to see that only ten or twelve stars were shining in the sky. He became worried and started thinking that last night's dream was a message form pixies to him. Suddenly he fell asleep. He saw the same golden gateway this night. As he reached the star he saw that there were lesser number of pixies there and everybody was looking sad. Franklin entered the palace, the queen was looking worried. Queen told Franklin that darkness evil had captured many pixies and soon all stars will stop shining. Franklin asked the queen how could he help them. She told Franklin about the planet where darkness evil lived. Pixies took Franklin to that planet, he stepped on the dark planet fearfully.Pixies gave him a bottle of pixie dust and told him that it would help him fight the evil. Franklin saw a huge shadow, it was the evil. The evil came forward towards Franklin and yelled, "O human, what are you doing here ?". Franklin replied, " I am here to take back the imprisoned pixies. The evil angrily looked at Franklin, started laughing and said, " Do you think you can take them back?". He casted a spell and a cage fell on Franklin, he was also imprisoned. He felt helpless. Suddenly he thought about the pixie dust. Evil was standing near the cage and laughing. At once Franklin threw pixie dust on the evil. Evil started screaming with pain and vanished. The cages also disappeared and pixies became happy. Franklin happily went to the queen along with pixies. Everyone was dancing and there was a  grand celebration. Everyone thanked Franklin. Queen gave him a bottle of pixie dust as a gift. 

Franklin woke up in the middle of night. He looked at the stars with amazement as all the stars were shining brightly. Franklin noticed that there was something in his hand. It was a bottle of pixie dust. He became surprised and happy. He always kept that bottle with him and every night he looked at the stars with wonder and thought about the magical adventure. 


                                                         THE END. 

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