Battle Scars

Characters are:
Abby~main character
Ashton~soon to be boyfriend-new kid
Ed~Abby's brother
Mark~Abby's abusive dad
Peyton~friend to Abby
Ari~friend to Abby

Warning~there will be cutting scenes,abusive scenes,and cuss words read at your own risk.


2. Prologue Two

Hi people I am back at it once again and if you follow me I will mostly likely follow back. Anyway here is the real prologue....


My mom's last words to me were "take care of yourself Abby and don't let anyone get near you or hurt you...",then she died in my arms. I cried for two whole weeks before and after the funeral she wasn't just my mom she was also my friend. That is when my dad started to drink. Sometimes he would come home late and we knew he was drunk. Then he started beating me and telling me he never cared about me and told me to go to hell. This kind of stuff still happens everyday of my life.

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