Nookie and the Little Bird

PIXAR Competition | Writing and Cover Design entry | Result:


1. The story goes like this . . .


Once upon a time, there was a short brown dog named Nookie lived in a very peaceful community neighborhood. Every day, he would go for a long walk around his neighborhood; barking with excitement when he sees his other canine friends and growling with distaste when he sees the vain felines.


One day, as he wandered far from his normal path, he saw a wounded little bird with feathers of beautiful spring grass surrounded by a bunch of vicious wild rats. The little bird can’t fly as she had injured one of her wings while trying to escape. Because of that, Nookie went to rescue the little bird. He barked hard and loud while running towards the group. The rats scrambled away with surprises, while some others who saw him earlier stood their ground and spited at him.


Nookie was not afraid of the vicious, smelly rats. He was unlike his other canine friends; he was strong. With his strong sense of justice and pride of a dog, he clawed and growled his way among the rats towards the little bird. Until finally, he managed to get the little bird to safety; far away from the rats. He gently carried the little bird with his teeth and took it home. His gentle heart of a master saw him, took the little bird from his teeth and attended a proper care to the little bird. His master proudly scratched his head behind his floppy ears; complimented him for being a brave, compassionate dog.


The little bird was named as Angelica and she became the best buddy and playmate Nookie ever wished for. They were a family of three now; his master, him and her.

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