Save me from this Hell I call home

Danielle Castella has been abused by Pepper Killian, a stranger that has been "taking care" of Danielle (a.k.a. Dani) since she was a baby. Dani just turned 17 and can't wait until she turns 18 so she can get out of Pepper's evil clutches.


3. Chapter 2

Dani rushed outside and got on the bus, jumping over the feet that were always stuck in her path by the "robots". She took her usual seat in the back. When Jessa and Nathan got on, they were greeted with a sea of "hello's" and sat with their friends. Jessa turned around and blew a kiss to Dani. She rolled her eyes but smiled when Harriet got on the bus and sat down next to her. At the next stop, a new kid got on the bus and everyone stared with wide eyes. The "robots" waved him over but he passed them without a backwards glance and sat next to Dani and Harriet.

Dani snuck a glance at him and decided that he was cute.

"Hi." She said to him. He looked up from the book he had pulled out and smiled.


"Are you new?" Brave little Harriet asked. He laughed kindly.

"Yes, yes I am. I'm Jake, what's your name?"

"I'm Harriet and this is Dani." Dani smiled at Harriet's introduction and extended her hand awkwardly. When he shook it, equally as awkward, a shiver went up her arm. He returned to his book and Dani settled back into her seat and smiled inwardly.

We got to school a while later and when Dani got up and started walking down the bus isle, she was too much in a daze to see the foot stuck out in front of her and she wound up falling backwards into Jake. She tried to catch herself on the seat but her hand slipped and she twisted. Dani and Jake fell onto the floor, her face inches from his. Everyone laughed as Dani blushed and tried to stand without hurting Jake in the narrow isle.

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