The Diary of a chicken restaurant employee, Veery Adamzi.


1. I am a Chicken

I am a chicken. 

It was something I accepted at a very young age. 

But I didn't know I'd come to find being one so great. 

Today I just got a job at a fast food restaurant that just opened recently. It's called Chikiduki. A place that specializes in cooking chicken and duck! Can you believe it? A fast food place that sells fried duck isn't exactly common you know? I had to make sure since I've never heard of such a place and so I oogled it. Apparently there is one in France. e.e It's always the foreign countries...

Anyways I really like the look of the uniform, it's as if it was made for me- probably was since most of the employees are high school students. The uniform consists of mainly three pieces:

. The banana yellow bubble short overalls(It has a little feathery tail in the back!)

      - I could have worn an overall dress but I like the bubble shorts...but the dress was just as cute... maybe I'll buy that later?

       -also came in the optional color of pumpkin orange or red.

. A short white puffy sleeved dress shirt (with a red tie that looks like a chicken's wattles!)

     -also came in the colors of red shirt and a polkadot wattle tie too!

. And a baby duck hat cap. (banana yellow- beak part is orange) Wear is optional.

. A baby chick hoodie (banana yellow). Wear is optional.


Starting tomorrow I'll be working as a waitress. I'm so excited! 

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