The girl next door

This is about The 5sos band member MICHAEL( sorry) before he was famous and a girl who moves in next door


1. Beginnings

Hey guys this is my first ever fan fiction so I hope you do enjoy it also there are a few accounts from Instagram in this story and they have the parts of some of the characters - Fanboy_4_5sos

"Hey Michael" -Luke

"Hey Luke"-Michael

"So what's happening ? Is that house next door still selling ?" -Luke

" Yeah I think so , I'm not really sure we will have to check it out ! Why's that anyway ? " -Michael

" Could you imagine if I moved in next to you ? Haha it would be so cool I could come over EVERY DAY !!! " -Luke

" I'm not sure about that Luke I mean it would be cool but not everyday we still have to go to school and all Luke" - Michael

"Alright yeah I guess I'll have to stay with my parents anyway lol" -Luke

" Hey I'm kinda hungry wanna grab a bite ? " -Michael

"Yeah what you want?"- Luke

"PIZZZZAAAAAA!!! Lol"-Michael

After having Pizza Michael returns home and Luke goes home too

"Wow is that a Moving van , is someone moving in next door ?!"

Michael runs home and sees the moving van outside the house next door to see a family of four walk in to the house with boxes of stuff.

"Dude this is awesome " Michael says under his breath

Michael walks into his house has dinner his mom cooked then went to his room to listen to music.

The next day

Michael Wakes up to his alarm clock screaming in his ear as he struggles to hit the snooze button so instead he gets up and turns of the alarm knowing he has to go to school.

*Phone Rings*

|Calum is trying to reach your phone|

"Hey Cal Wats up?" -Michael

"Dude where are you agreed to come pick me up!"-Calum

"Oh Crap dude sorry I'm on my way now"-Michael

*Call Ends*

"Crap better hurry" Michael says

After Michael gets ready he jumps in his car and obviously forgets his keys

Michael runs back inside to grab his keys then quickly bolts outside to his car but he catches someone in the corner of his eye, It was them two new girls they looked lost so he went over to talk to them.

"Hey , I'm Michael , I couldn't help but notice you looked lost"-Michael

"Oh yes well we are a bit lost, we're going to Westfield high and we're taking the bus Oh sorry and I'm Catherine " -Catherine

"Hey I'm Kate, nice to meet you" -Kate

"Oh cool I go there the bus stop is just down there but I'm picking up a friend so see you later ?" - Michael

"Oh okay see you later Michael" - Catherine

Michael jumps in the car while Catherine and Kate walked to the bus stop.

Michael picks up Calum and they drive to school.

Hey guys I Hope you enjoyed this first chapter I know it's kinda short but there is more on the way so stay tuned and check out my Instagram and I will tell you on there when then next chapter is out Fanboy_4_5sos see you guys later- Fanboy_4_5sos

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