Our World is Beautiful

Leah has never recovered from her accident. The accident when she lost her mum. she thinks its her fault and she vows never to walk again. when her father finally persuades her to go to school will there be someone/ some place that will change her mind.


6. Spring

I pushed and pushed my legs willing them to move. Then I fell onto the bench. I made it; I made it I finally made it. The boy, Felix sat down beside me “Well done Leah you did it” and that when he leaned forward slowly, slowly and then he kissed me. In the middle of the blooming flowers. In the middle of the trees full to the brim with birds singing songs of strength, renewal. In the middle of butterflies with every colour you could imagine. Spring had arrived and with it came new love and new beginnings. I could have been thinking about that but I wasn't. All I could feel were his lips against mine and all I could think was: Our World is Beautiful.

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