Our World is Beautiful

Leah has never recovered from her accident. The accident when she lost her mum. she thinks its her fault and she vows never to walk again. when her father finally persuades her to go to school will there be someone/ some place that will change her mind.


3. Autum

I speed out of there as quickly as I could dodge people trying to find a quiet space to be alone. There is a path leading off from the others. It looked unused because there are weeds growing between the pave-stones forcing them to crack. It’s bumpy and the bumps jolt me up and down. I reach the end of the path and I look around. It’s a garden. There are a few flower beds dotted around, bare and forlorn. Tufts of grass poke out of the earth old and tired. A slow squirrel that hadn't settled down to winter yet sprinted up a bare tree as I approached. A shiver ran through me it was getting close to winter and I wasn't prepared in my blouse and jumper for what the cold winter held. The garden looked empty but I was empty too so we sort of suited each other. In the middle of it all was a bench. Quite old and cracked but there was a kind of beauty to it. My legs started moving before I even knew what I was doing. I wanted to sit on that bench I wanted it so much and I didn't know why. I managed to stand up but I fell back down. Try after try. Just when I managed to stand up for a bit the bell rang. I needed to get back to the form room. I needed to go fast enough that I wouldn't attract any more stares than necessary. As I was directed to my next lesson I couldn't stop thinking about the garden. How much I wanted to feel the grass under my feet and the smell of the soft sweet air. 

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