Our World is Beautiful

Leah has never recovered from her accident. The accident when she lost her mum. she thinks its her fault and she vows never to walk again. when her father finally persuades her to go to school will there be someone/ some place that will change her mind.


1. Steps

It all started with one step.

One step in the wrong direction.

One car going way too fast.

One girl lying flat on the floor, deathly pale and unconscious.

One woman running after her and calling her name.

One ambulance rushing to the scene.

One accident that would have never happened without that single step.

It was a step that I took and that woman was my mum. Yes I'm using was, because she’s gone now all because of me. That was one year ago. When I woke up people told me that the pain would get better. The pain from my leg and the pain of losing my mum. They were wrong on both counts. They tried to get me to walk again but I couldn't, I wouldn't, they couldn't make me.

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