My Writer's Journal

A collection of all of my writings I've done in school, and for other reasons.


1. Food Critique

In this writing piece, our directions were to write, and critique, one of our favorite places to eat. We had a list of adjectives we had to use, which is why there is so much description.



We left at about four to go grocery shopping in Piercefield. The grocery shopping part of the trip felt microscopic to me though, considering this meant I’d have two choices; crummy but, acceptable McDonalds, or satisfying, vast portions of my grandmother’s meatloaf and potatoes. I chose the latter. When we arrived at my grandmother’s seemingly overgrown, but actually quite dinky, house, there was a spectacular view of some despicable turkeys ravaging the humongous yard that her pleasant neighbors owned. When I stepped inside the first thing that hit me was the delicious smell of the already cooking meatloaf, and the petite Black Lab Pit-Bull they own. I mean this quite literally too, the dandy, but horrendous smelling dog knocked me and my sizable load of horrid school books right over! I stood up, gave an unacceptable look to the dog, whom I love, and walked over settling in to the colossal couch, that was covered with tiny, barely visible dog hairs. A few minutes after I had sat down my grandmother brought me over a plate of meatloaf and potatoes. The plate full of food, was far from minuscule, but the choices for entertainment were puny. After I finished up my angelic meal I said goodbye to my grandparents and headed for home. The trip had overall been satisfying.

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