Something New, Something Old, Something Hurts, Something Glows

A wil-o-the-wisp female falls in love with a young shifter male ...but she has some baggage... (This is my entry for the vampire diaries competition)


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Alec messaged Yuki several times in a row, longing for conversation with the girl he loved. He wanted to tell her, but he knew his love would lead to no-where, because, even if she returned the feelings, she was no she-wolf, and therefore, they could never be together. As son of the pack leader, he was obligated to find a mate and settle down, but he had no desire to do so with anyone but Yuki. Finally, he gave up, and turned his phone off completely, feeling a sense of dread, as though everything he knew was coming to an end. Alec thought of Yuki, her pale skin, her white hair and onyx eyes, he knew what she was, though she tried to hide it when he asked. Yuki dreamed of when she first met her love. It had been the beginning of the war between light and dark. We met on opposite sides of the blade. I light, he dark. We delighted in finding each other, no matter how it had come to be. He betrayed the dark for me, and we won the war together, as light. He protected me, and I delighted in his continued presence. I found myself more often than not looking into his fate, but there was nothing there yet, it seemed to be a blank page, clear of any ink to marr its surface. I disregarded it, as there were many stories like this due to the war raging . He had been beautiful, my sweet Ryuse. He was dedicated, loyal, kind, true, and powerful, but best of all, he loved me just as strongly as I loved him. We spent a year together, and then we began to worry. What would happen if one of us were to reincarnate and the other not? Or what if we both were returned to life here on this cold planet, but we were never to find each other. With this fear in our hearts, our love became strained. Finally came the day. Ryuse was alone, I not by his side for the first time since our meeting. He was ambushed by men from the dark. The men were angry at his betrayal. They killed him, but his soul lingered. I knew that something was horribly wrong, because his story, his fate changed to black. I found my way to him, and wept over the loss of my love. A man stepped from behind the trees, and offered me the salvation I sought. “I will restore him, but it comes at a price.” His voice droned. Tear stained cheeks and wide eyes found his face. “Anything. Please, bring him back!” I cried. He took my wrist and drew the blood of both he and I, then he allowed my blood to drip into the dirt, where the ground hungrily devoured the liquid, where our blood merged and became one entity. Further away, he wiped the small jeweled dagger on the leg of his dark pants, and plunged the knife into Ryuse’s heart. I cried out in pain and rage at the disrespect shown to my love’s corpse. His soul left the body, but where it went I will never know. Yuki did know, however, that she was not supposed to remember the deal between Raiden and herself. But she does. Which means his spell is failing, finally, after several centuries with this man, she can remember her purpose in being here. He had wiped her memory and made her believe that he and Yuki were husband and wife for the first few centuries. When she realized that she did not love this man and yet she seemed married to him every life, and also noticing that he raised her from birth, he told Yuki that they were not in fact, married at all. Yuki has grown stronger as the years passed, and he grows kinder each time. Now he is almost likable. A high pitched ringing attempted to awaken her, but she, remembering her love, refused to leave the land of dreams. Here, she could feel the arms or Ryuse around her all the time, during the hours she is forced to leave the land of dreams, she felt hollow,  but Yuki can never explain exactly why. Yuki can never remember her dreams, but the ache remains, and the dreams come back each night. Soon, soon Yuki will remember all of her pasts that she has collected, like little jewels lit by the flame of love for the passed Ryuse, who continues to exist elsewhere, away from her heart, and then she can hold the memories close, as a part of her, and she can again be close to the one who gave her life. Yuki’s phone finally managed to wake her. She rolled over and...hit the floor. What? Why am I in...his bed!? she thought.  Yuki  scrambled onto all fours and  rushed into the corner. From there she could see Raiden’s sleeping figure sprawled across the bed. What happened last night? I need to know if I got into his bed of my own free will, or if he put me there himself. Yuki shook herself and reached for her cell phone on the bedside table. Then she left the house all together. She took no money, clothes, nothing except her cell phone. After walking a few miles in a random direction, Yuki found herself in a small town. She entered  a tiny gas station and only then did she feel safe to call her friend, and confidant, Alec. Alec didn’t answer, and when the phone told her to leave a message at the tone, Yuki stared at the tiny screen as if it asked her if it could eat her face. Upset now at the thought of Alec ignoring her, Yuki left her friend a short message. “It’s Yuki...I’m in some trouble.” Then she hung up. Angry now, she asked to look at a phone book. Surprised, the clerk handed her one. Nexen. It was not Alec's name listed, but his father’s, and that was just fine with Yuki. Yuki called that number and introduced herself to the voice on the other end of the conversation. “My name is Ayame, Yuki, and I need to speak with your son-” The man whooped in delight when he placed the name in his memory. Yuki heard all sorts of things happening on the end of the line. It wasn’t until she heard him start his car that she realized he was coming to get her. He showed up at the gas station a moment later with the phone still in his hand. His giant smile faded when he saw how light she was. “What- never mind, get in the car, girly.” Yuki’s brow twitched in annoyance at being called ‘girly’, but there was nothing she could do about it. She got into the car, and the man drove her back to his mansion. This was where Alec lived. Yuki gaped. Her house had been large, at least this big and bigger, because there was no yard, Raiden’s house was simply built over it. But Raiden’s house was dark, making it seem much smaller, where here Yuki could find no dark whatsoever. It was odd to her that there were no long, dark shadows to stretch across the lawn. Alec did not greet her, and indeed seemed to not be home at all. Yuki decided it was best for her to channel some energy, meaning she had to escape the grounds. Yuki found a place for herself in a field far from the house. For her it was vaguely familiar, but whether she had been there before or not, it was comforting, and with her skill she would have easy access to Alec if he were to suddenly move. Yuki fell asleep there in the tall grass, in an opening with the woods all around her and the dirt below her and the sky above. Here she felt safe, as if nothing could harm her. She slept there for what was probably only a few minutes before a frightening growl echoed through the clearing. Yuki sat up quickly and extinguished the lights she had unconsciously been sending. The growling, however, seemed to get closer and closer as the seconds ticked by. There were two beasts, one silently coming behind her, and another in front, growling low in its throat-a warning, but she was being cornered, so there was no way she could leave the area alive. Praying, and biting her lip hard enough to draw blood, Yuki illuminated the space and a large wolf was practically nose-to-nose with her. Oh my god, what am I going to do? If I die here, right now, if I am killed, there is no way of knowing if I will ever find my love. And then there is Alec. “Alec!” Yuki screamed for her friend in alarm. The air shifted behind her, but Yuki daren’t look back. “Alec! I’m Sorry! I Love You, Paws!” The wolf before Yuki stopped growling and backed away as the wolf behind her stalked towards the front. Before her now stood a beautiful white wolf with piercing, ice blue eyes. It bared its teeth, getting closer to her, then it simply sat down and sniffed at Yuki. The black wolf that had previously been sharing the same small amount of air with her seemed to bow at the white one before running towards the mansion that Yuki just came from. The white wolf  stared at her, relaxed but on guard. It’s eyes questioned her, tested her. Yuki stared back, silent. What had she said that made this wild animal become as tame as a pet? Had it been that word- Paws? Slowly Yuki held her trembling hand out, and attempted to touch the animal. Yuki’s flames surrounded the duo, shocking and surprising her, as she had been sending the bright balls of fire to guide Alec to her. She paid no mind, though, simply thinking that she had lost focus for a moment. She had focused again, attempting to send the fire out to Alec, when, out of her mind’s eye, Yuki saw Raiden and gasped. Yuki covered the wolf with herself and rolled, unwilling to let him harm an innocent, as he would, simply because it was with her. Beneath her, the wolf roared and clawed, tearing open wounds in Yuki’s light, delicate skin. Suddenly the dog shifted, and became a boy, who roared just as violently as the cat. Yuki blushed slightly as she realized who she was straddling. Raiden approached steadily from the tree line, but Yuki ran. From embarrassment, shame, betrayal, and fear. First she ran in the way of Raiden, then changed her course suddenly when she realized she was running toward her punisher. Finally, after running through the entire wood, she exited the trees and ran directly into Alec’s father in the garden. He fell back and Yuki fell onto him. She scrambled over his fallen figure, and was preparing to sprint to the road when she heard Alec roar from the treeline. Yuki ran over Alec’s father again as he attempted to get up. Yuki continued to sprint through the woods. Behind her, she heard a tearing sound, and then footsteps behind her. She continued on. She had never ran so much at once...but Yuki continued. She would never stop, not until she got her friend back. Raiden was just before her, Alec struggling with him. For the first time in her life, in all of her lives, Yuki tried to use her powers to harm someone. She sent the biggest burst of flame she had ever conjured in Raiden's direction, aimed directly at the middle of his back. He seemed to absorb it into himself, and he didn’t even falter. She, on the other hand, suffered from the blast, It blew her back, and she hit whatever beast was behind her. Alec roared again up ahead. The darkness closed in quickly, and the last thing Yuki saw was Raiden approaching her, with a limp Alec in his arms. He switched Alec to his shoulder, and took Yuki up into his arms, cradling her close as he returned to the place Yuki thought of as her personal torture chamber; home. “Leave him be.” Yuki spoke into the darkness. Raiden whirled to meet her sad eyes. “Haven’t you done enough? First his mother, now him! What will you do if I tell him?!” Her voice raised in intensity, waking the boy sleeping in the corner of the room. Raiden, angered by Yuki’s sudden defiance raised his fist and let it fall. His open hand struck Yuki’s pale cheek, leaving behind a cruel handprint. Yuki flew for the first time in her life. The landing was rough, leaving more marks to marr her skin. She bled  from her injuries, induced by the man that held her there. Shaking, Yuki tried to stand and managed only to her knees before Raiden stood again before her and took hold of her hair. She cried out in pain and fear, her body tightening as Raiden dragged her from the room by her long white hair. Then the glowing girl and the dark man were gone, the echoes of screams sounding down the hall. Yuki screamed up the stairs and down the hall to his room. Raiden picked her up and pitched her across the room, onto his bed. “Now,” He said, advancing steadily, his predatory senses at work. “You have been causing trouble lately...have you forgotten our deal, little one?” Yuki didn’t dare move before, but now she jerked up in anger.  “It wouldn’t matter!” she cried. “I remember! You don’t want him to find me! It doesn’t matter, you have been wiping my memory for centuries! I’m not a weapon!” Yuki screamed, getting closer and closer to him until she neared the end of the bed, and then proceeded to fall off. She yelped in pure agony as her already bruised and beaten body bounced on the hardwood. The floor shook for a moment before Raiden rushed to help the helpless will-o-the-wisp writhing on the floor. “It’s okay,” He soothed, holding her close and stroking the soft, silk like white hair on her head as she wept. For the first time in all of her lives,  Yuki hugged him back...willingly. However, deep in the cold cellar, Alec found the note and key left for him by his friend. He was unsure of her loyalties, after seeing her with the man that had captured him, but when he thought of the way he felt for her, he knew he had to do all he could to understand. The note read:


I know that you are now feeling some uncertainties now on where we stand, but allow me to put your fears to rest. I despise Raiden, and would never wish this fate upon my greatest enemy, therefore, I will free you. I will meet you at nearly midnight. And don't worry, the screaming will stop soon...


Yuki finally left his room about half an hour after midnight. I hope Alec hasn’t given up yet.  Yuki thought to herself before tossing the thought out of her mind. Alec loves his mother, he would never give up on her. It was possible, however, that he would take the message the wrong way, as he so often did. Yuki recalled many times when something as simple as a ‘hello’ could be taken as an insult. Yuki shook her head. She traveled down the hallway, searching for Alec, recalling that she did not tell him exactly where to wait for her. Finally Yuki found her friend, curled up at the base of the wall. He looked so pitiful, and Yuki could see him shaking. Alarmed, she hurled herself at Alec in order to help him. “What’s wrong? What is it?!” Yuki whisper-shouted, taking Alec into her arms. The boy in her embrace mumbled something, and it took Yuki a second to realize what was being said. “You shouldn’t have fallen in love with her? Who? I cannot harm her, but she will never harm you again, Paws.” Alce looked up with tearful eyes and said softly, in a way that made Yuki’s heart ache, “It’s wouldn’t know her.” Yuki had the odd impression that she did, in fact, know the girl Alec was speaking of, but Alec gave no hints beyond that. Smiling, Yuki drew Alec up to stand in her embrace. “Let us go to see your mother.” She said, and lead Alec down the darkest hallway, to a cell adjacent to where he had previously been locked. They went together, hand-in-hand. When they arrived at the room Yuki had trekked to many times, Yuki pulled out a large ring of keys. At Alec’s gaze, Yuki mumbled cheerfully, “They’re not easy to get, takes a lot of skill.” Alec looked away, surmising that Yuki’s talents that she spoke of were that of private rooms. Yuki smiled, and clicked the lock open, and the door swung wide. Inside, the pair found something unexpected. Alec’s mother was within, yes, but so was an unwanted visitor. Both stiffened in rage and, in one’s case, fear. “Oh god,” Yuki whispered, at the same time as Alec’s battle cry sounded, shaking the concrete walls surrounding them. Alec threw himself into the fray, and Yuki remained at the door, frozen in utter terror. As Alec fought, he tossed Yuki a look over his shoulder. “Come on, help me out here, Yuki!” The assailant paused at the utterance of the name, but was forced to continue the fight when Alec landed a hard blow to his cheek.  Yuki was terrified of the specter, but if she continued to do nothing, someone was going to get hurt, and Yuki’s money was on Alec being the one injured, in his delicate condition, he should not have been fighting in the first place.  Then, out of the shadows, a darker shadow hurled itself in the direction of the two fighting. There was a long moment where Yuki did not allow herself to breathe, for fear that it would change the odds of the fight in some way. After a moment, the shadow figure that Alec had fought dove into Yuki, and knocked her flat. Yuki, whose bruised figure ached too much to actually do any harm, laid limp, and she pretended to be unconscious. The shadow man ripped a piece from Yuki’s clothes and then stole away with the night... Alec called out to her, the dark boy’s voice strained. “Yuki! Yuki! Are you ok?!” Yuki slowly sat up, tears staining her cheeks. She sobbed, her cries bouncing from the walls. Alec held Yuki to her, rocking her a bit. Yuki finally could catch her breath enough to suck in deeply. She cast her eyes on the darker shadow. The shadow turned to light with a slight nod from Yuki. It was Alec’s mother. “T-there you go, A-Alec...all you ever w-wanted.” The three escaped the building together, Alec's mother refusing to leave Yuki behind. They took her to their home, where she was welcome to stay for as long as she pleased.

Yuki joined Alec, and smiled at her friend’s parents politely as she thanked them for the food. However, Yuki was not relaxed in the slightest. She was worried that Raiden would discover her betrayal and would come after her. And he would find her, she was sure of it. He had done it before, and he would do it again. After all, it was a great commodity to own the last living Will-o-the-wisp of royal lineage. Alec touched Yuki’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze before digging into his food with a loud growl. Yuki smiled faintly and delicately began to lift her food to her mouth with the fork that had occupied her right hand for the past several minutes. Mr. and Mrs. Nexen sat together, watching the two with the flame of their long love burning dark in their eyes as they gazed upon the two young adults, who now sat, holding hands in comfortable silence. Yuki glanced over at Alec’s father. “Mr. Nexen, I hope you will forgive me for the capture of your wife and son, and also for mowing you down earlier today. If it is not possible to forgive, then it is acceptable for you to end my existence, for it has drug on for far too long.” Yuki bowed her head in submission. Mr. and Mrs. Nexen looked at the small girl tenderly and smiled at her. Mr. Nexen spoke up. “Yuki, child, it seems you have experienced a lot in your short life, and it seems that you truly do care for our child, so you will be forgiven. Besides, I needed it, I was falling asleep on my feet just then.” Mr. Nexen laughed heartily, and Mrs. Nexen rolled her eyes at him lovingly. Alec looked at Yuki, sensing the sadness and shame rolling off his friend in waves. Alec squeezed Yuki's hand and smiled at his friend brightly, showing all of his teeth. Yuki excused herself and went outside, though she ate only a few bites of her food. The Nexen family glanced around at each other, confused by their visitor. Yuki sat outside in the field, gazing at the missing part of her once-white gown. That man... Our blades met with the sound of screaming metal, and our faces came closer and closer together as we sought to break the other’s grip with the force we were applying to our blades. I realized that he was handsome when I glared into his eyes, breathing harshly. I gasped when his piercing blue eyes met my black ones, and my grip faltered on the hilt of my sword. He threw me back, and I landed hard. The day I met my love, it was a bad time. I never thought it would have ended like this. I wish I would have known. I would have stayed away. Yuki’s thoughts were disturbed by Alec  joining her in the field. “This field has seen so much blood, and yet, so much love.” Yuki had been the first to break the silence, stroking the grass as she thought of her and Ryuse’s first time together. She felt Alec smile beside her, and it warmed Yuki from the frozen state she had been in all night. “I know... Mother tells me all the time… But Yuki, you always seem so...distant with me.. Do you think you’ll ever trust me enough tell me about... who you are? you with everything.” Alec said, apprehensively. Yuki laid back and smiled at the stars. She brings the light burning within her to glow on her skin, then Yuki pushed it outward, and the night was filled with lights. Yuki felt Alec’s curious gaze on her, though she did not turn to face hm. “First, I am not human. I am a will-o-the-wisp, and I am centuries old. I was born in feudal Japan in 1189. The war began when I was very young. I joined immediately. During the war, I fell in love.” She smiled, thinking of her story. “We fought on opposite sides, until he left the dark for me. We fought together for many years, and he began to age. His race is not as long lived as mine, though still nearly immortal. We began to wonder what would happen when we re-incarnated. However we did not worry long about such things, as one day we had been separated, and while he was alone on the road, he was attacked by men from the dark, and he was killed.” Alec gasped beside Yuki, but she could not bear to look as tears swelled and dripped down her cheeks into her hair. “I begged all the gods I could name for him to return to the realm of the living, but it was pointless. Or so I thought. One with immense power told me that he would return my lover to me, but for a hefty price. I did not wait for him to tell me the cost, and simply begged him to go through with the deal. He pulled a dagger from his sleeve and plunged it into the corpse of my sweet Ryuse. His soul, which had lingered, left us, and the man fell onto me with the blade, and cut my wrist. My blood dripped onto the ground, and he then cut his own wrist. His blood too fell upon the earth, where it mixed with mine and we were bound.” Yuki sat up, gazing at the woods in the distance before them. “I never saw Ryuse again, but now you understand why I have been so distant for so long...I must protect the things I love, I must keep them from him. This is the reason I never allow you to visit me, and I never allowed myself to visit you, because to do so would be to alert him to your existence.” Alec put his hand over Yuki’s, squeezing it. “He already knows of me…” Alec’s voice was soft as he shifted closer, holding the wil-o-the-wisp in his arms, nuzzling her white hair. “Do not fear for me… My mother or my Father. He has known of us for a long time… Please my darling, let me love you… Please.. I am strong...” Alec kissed the other’s neck in a comforting way. Yuki shifted to peer into Alec’s eyes questioningly. “What do you mean?” Yuki felt such confusion when she was with this boy. Alec took a deep breath as he stared back in the eyes of the one he loved. “It seems I’ve fallen for someone who could never be mine…” Alec smiled a bit as he brushed some hair out of Yuki’s face. “But I do not care. As long as you are my friend…” Yuki smiled lightly, placing a hand on the face of her friend. She brought her own lips to Alec’s in a sweet and tender kiss. Lights filled the night again, brighter this time, tinged a deep pink. Yuki pulled back, smiling. Alec felt frozen, his face red as he blinked rapidly. Yuki smiled tenderly and brushed her knuckles across the boy’s bright red cheek. She then leaned in and kissed Alec’s cheek before standing and brushing off her already ruined clothes. Alec stared up at her, unable to hide his smile. “Wow…” the young shifter breathed out. “You are so young… if only you could understand the way I think of you, you would not play with such fire.” Yuki began to walk in the direction of the light from the house. Yuki turned and uttered one final phrase. “I’ve loved you this way for a very long time.” Alec blinked a few times then just looked at his lap, unsure of what he was supposed to say, then uttered softly. “I’ve..never loved like you had in the past, and I know I could never be who you want with your entire heart… But I can love you and take care of you, even if I am merely a child to you.” Yuki glanced at the boy’s body and smiled “You are definitely not a child to me…and I do care...” Alec looked up at Yuki as tears streamed down his face. “I know my love... I know you care...” Alec stands and takes the girl's hands into his own before he pressed his lips against Yuki’s for a short breath of time then he nodded. “I am afraid of no fire… And you, being an enemy, are the deadliest of all. Yet I do not fear you, I have nothing to fear..” He took a breath then kissed Yuki once more, then again and again. As if it’d be the last time he’d see Yuki. Yuki pulled back, desperate for air before wrapping her arms around the boy she had fallen in love with. “Oh sweet Alec, how I wish I could be with you forever, but no one would ever allow it.” Yuki wanted nothing more than to touch Alec and call him her own, but she knew that even Alec’s parents were unlikely to approve. Alec’s eyes sadden as he glanced away. “That is true.. But my love, I’m almost of age where my parents must step down from their power to allow me control...” Alec whispered as he nuzzled Yuki’s cheek. This made Yuki smile. “That would be wonderful…” Yuki sighed. “But you may not always feel this way for me.” Alec shook his head, holding Yuki tight in his arms. “I’ve felt this way for many of years… and in a few more months I can love you forever.” Yuki sighed in such a way that she thought she would expel her very soul into the warm night air. “Should we tell your parents then? They truly love you, perhaps they should know when we deem it to be safe.” Alec shook his head once more. “Soon, but right now.. I just want to focus on you, Yuki..” He purred, playfully growling at Yuki. Yuki, always one to flirt with danger, launched herself into Alec’s arms, taking him to the ground. Alec rolled them so he was on top as he chuckled, staring down at Yuki. “I love you..” Yuki batted her lashes, glancing down. Then she lifted her gaze to Alec’s and smiled softly, cupping his face. “I know. I love you, too. Perhaps after this war is over we can really be together forever…” Yuki kissed her friend then turned her head, laying it back in the grass. But for now, as long as they could hold on to this moment forever, they were content.  

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