Illisible Font (The Last Corridor part 2)

What's happening?! Where am I?

...Who is this?


"The child's gone. The world reset again. But this time... I did it." Sans thought. He woke up on his bed again. He slowly got out and sighed. "Hope they made the right choice this time."

This time, Frisk didn't spawn on their bed of flowers. After Sans' reset, they arrived in an different room. And they are not ready for what will happen next. (this is definitively a Sans x Frisk :P)


1. New Experience

Frisk gently shook their head, the pain was unbearable. They felt like their body was dissembled into pieces then stitched together in the wrong way. They then called out for help...

...But nobody came.

Frisk desperately waited for an response, which eventually wasn't the best thing to hope for in this pitch dark room. They stood up slowly and scanned the room with their eyes. Suddenly, a shadow in the corner of the room capt their attention. They shuddered.

Was it Chara?

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