Sing with your heart dance with your soul

When Nanami Haruka's pen pal from America decides to help STARISH with their new choreography. However, whenever she tries to come up dances to the songs that Nanami wrote...they dont add up to what the competition shows


2. Travel the world and dance your heart out!


Today is, 4/13/16 (day ahead of us) and Iris is on the plane on her way to Japan! I'm so excited and so is starish...

well.....they don't really care at the moment, most of them are stacked with work everyday. Being a idol is pretty tough work and I should know, I compose their songs! but they do more things than I do, they do advertisements, movie trailers, show acting, movie stunts and acting, and most of all concerts. So, I'm the only one really looking forward to seeing Iris. Its not like the boys don't care that she's coming, they do.....Their just busy...that's all..

As I wait for Iris to arrive, I fiddle with a charm that she sent to me over the summer. It's a little doughnut dog charm, there was one time we were skype calling and she ate a doughnut like a dog for a twenty question dare. It was so funny! so now we have a nickname to call each other, she goes by dancing doughnut dog and she call's me music note lamb. She got that from Ren when he called me little lamb while we were talking.

I smile at the little charm and hear over the intercom, "Now Arriving plane number 962, Now Arriving plane number 962." it says, I stand up from my seat and walk over to the gate. A few business men and women walk out first, than families and some tourists. After a few moments, I get a glimpse of purple and midnight blue hair and I knew instantly who it was. It was Iris! She looks around a bit and spots me, a big smile spread's across her face.

"Well...Well. So, we finally meet music note lamb." she says.

I giggle and smile. I walk up to her and she gives me the biggest bear hug ever! It mostly put Nastuki's bear hugs to shame....even though he can't control his own strength. We pull away from the hug and start to chat up a storm, she tells me that she had a struggle packing her dance stuff and equipment. I giggled and told her that we had some of the equipment that she has already back at the organization home, she sweat drops but then laughs. I laugh with her too. We soon then, walk out to the bag area and grab her stuff then walk out to where passenger pick up is and get a ride from a limo and make our way back.

Authors note: Alright! I hope you guys enjoyed the second chapter, if you guys have any suggestions or ideas I will gladly use them and give you guys credit! thank you and have a awesome day!   

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