Sing with your heart dance with your soul

When Nanami Haruka's pen pal from America decides to help STARISH with their new choreography. However, whenever she tries to come up dances to the songs that Nanami wrote...they dont add up to what the competition shows


6. Is it time to dance yet?

After a week or so, the boys started to get the hang of the jazz shoes.

Iris would show some dance moves to the boys and they would instantly get it. When they had once good run she would say "once is luck" and the boys would say "twice is skill!" then they would go back to practicing, I always smile every time iris would reward the boys or she would joke around when one of them slipped up to make it kind of funny. 

Today, Iris told the boys to take a day off since they have been working so hard. Right now, were all sitting in the living room talking about how can we add some jumps and maybe add iris into the show.

"These few weeks have gone by so fast! Iris-san is putting her heart and soul into these moves!" Ittoki said happily

Ren nodded, "I agree, little lambs pen pal has helped us in many ways. At this rate our moves will be flawless!" 

Some laugh and nodded. Then it suddenly got quiet, Syo looks down a bit sad.

"But....what if..these moves that iris taught us aren't flawless? what if we fail? Iris would have to go home.." He says 

We all think about what syo said then sadden faces fill the room.

We knew he was right, Iris was working over kill with us to get us ready for this performance and...if we failed..

"Oi! what's with you guys and the long faces!?" a voice said

we turn around and see it's iris, "Look, i get the pressure is on and it's starting to get to you. Even if you fail....i wouldn't be sad. I would be honored because i helped you dont worry. Now, lets head out and have some fun!" she says with a big smile 


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