Sing with your heart dance with your soul

When Nanami Haruka's pen pal from America decides to help STARISH with their new choreography. However, whenever she tries to come up dances to the songs that Nanami wrote...they dont add up to what the competition shows


1. Pen pals

It all started out as just as assignment to a music program, but then it became a strong friendship.

Hi there, my name is Nanami Haruka. I'm the song composer for the famous group called STARISH, most people know them as the one hit wonder by the song called "Maji LOVE 1000%". Thanks to Shining, our carriers are taking sky high or up to the stars.

One thing that STARISH is good for is the stunts and dances that they come up for their concerts. Some are actually inspired by the crazy things we go through everyday, but most of the dances we get from a particular individual all the way from america, ever since the pen pal assignment at Satome Academy. My friend by the name of Iris Sage sends in some suggestions to us through email, since she started talking to us she's actually started to learn more and more Japanese to understand us. Which makes everything easy for us, sometimes the boy's and I run cold on inspiration she's always there to lend us a hand.

But today, things are every exciting! You see, she's actually moving to japan to come and see us in real life! It's kind of nerve racking too....because in two weeks our big show down with HEAVENS; another famous boy band, and we don't have any dance moves for the song because the song was actually stolen by the HEAVENS.......I just hope she makes it here on time.


authors note: Hey guys! I hope you like chapter one of this story and can't wait to see more! Since this idea kind of just came into mind at school, I'm still thinking on other chapters. If you have suggestions I'm all ears! er....hands lol. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! :) 

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