True Power book 1

Many years have passed and earth has changed a lot with new technology and now being able to travel through different worlds and dimensions, not only that but powers?


1. The start of it all

Jake's past/present

"Jake I want you to stop talking about it and get behind something!" My brother screamed as he was drawing his sword to the unknown figure in front of us. I went and hide behind a table that was flipped on its side, this old abandon building was already broken up enough but my brother didn't care.

The figure that was fighting my brother was a very good swordsman he had a mask and a very cool looking good on. My guess is that he stole what he could from a nearby store, what I am still trying to get my head around is why he attacked my brother and not me? "Jake grab the sword and go!" He said as he was slashing the air like a maniac "But I got no where to go dude, your funny tho you think I am going to leave you just..."

A bang and clank of something hits the ground I looked and it was horrible. It was like a horror movie came to life, my brother had a sword stuck in his chest and his sword next to him on the ground. The figure pulled out the sword inside my brother and ran off, the only thing I saw from the figure was a black cloak with ripped parts of it at the end and a red eye s red left eye.

The blood of brother was slowly dripping on the ground. "NO..... NO NICK NICK!" I said and ran next to him and saw the wound "Oh my god... Nick get up we got to find something to help you!" I tried lifting him up on his feet but he said it was to painful, tears started rolling down my cheek and hit the floor. "Jake you got to take the sword and go.... I don't know if the guy is gonna come back." He said coughing and groaning "No I can't if you die I will be all alone and have no family, You're my only family left." I cried on his shoulder and he whispered in my ear "You gotta grow up without me now." And before he could lay on the ground in a deep sleep he said a few last words " at the frozen mountain peak I will be waiting."

And he let his last breath and died. And know the explanation of what the world is today and before my brother died. The Earth is no longer all normal rights its technology, technology, technology every where and that's when we found out how to go to different planets and later on how to break the wall between dimensions. But that wasn't it we have superpowers now amazing right yea cool .... Anyways the world has split up into different sections like advanced and times that don't have as much technology.

But we broke up into different sides that have their own king or president , leader or dictator. Know what happen to me after my brothers death is that I left everything I did the school I was at the job I had and my home and lived in the more northern place of the Arctic and now I am going to a little town currently I am on a carriage that has hay for some animal. And oh no here comes the farmer. "HEY GET OFF THERE ARE NO FREE RIDES!" He said trying to get anything at this point to hit me with "ok ok jeez just need to get to the town of Creeks Wood."

I said getting off and getting slapped across the head for riding his carriage. Not one of the nicest farmers I have ever meet "oh your going down to that stupid town, take this road and take a left and you find yourself at the town in no time." Pointing at where I should go " and if you need a ride find me at the farm down this road, but your gonna have to pay.

" He said but I didn't listen and started walking down the road. It was getting late pretty fast but I managed to get there it was over a hill, once I got over that hill all I saw was huge town with people still awake at this time? Weird but I went and settled down near a bush got my bag and blanket that I stole from the farmer and slept there and waiting for the fun of the next day.

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