Mad Human

When the world takes a turn to the worst, there is one hope, that is a teenager: Noah Theodore Kuklo. Noah will do what it takes to make his, and his friends life’s better, even if it breaks him. He will fight, not only the undiscovered virus, but also himself; from the mental struggles of losing his friends and family, to having to do the morally wrong, and going against all the things that was taught to him as important. But in the middle of an apocalypse, nothing matters but survival.


21. Chapter 21

I was shot; but it felt more like a stab in the back.  It was a weird feeling.  I don’t know what it was; why did it feel like this.

            I would find the person that shot me, and end their life.  Dare the person step to me; and shoot me.  Luckily the shot only grazed my left shoulder; if it would have been down four inches and to the right a couple, it would have killed me.  God won’t let that happen.

            I could get up now; some fighters didn’t relies I was down.  I advanced, to whoever the person was that shot me, full of rage.  The person was wearing a mask, which was unusual, like they knew I was coming.

            Now, with no gun, I grabbed ahold of the kid, pulling his mask off.  It was then I realized why it felt like a stab to the back; it was my old friend Michael.

            I was shocked, I could kill him, but I didn’t want to.  I could not begin to understand; why?  Michael was close to me; he was in my inner circle.  The better question is: Why isn’t he dead?  Not that I was mad that he was alive, but I thought…well you know.

            I was still mad; I couldn’t deal with it now though; I was on a mission.  I through him to Gabe, and told him to take Michael to a holding cell.  It was time to finish what I started.

            Once again, one more story to go till I was in the red zone; the area where the ‘woman’ was at.

            This stair case would be the hardest to get through, the most protected.  It was so protected there where remote controlled gun, which could me maned or un-maned.  Though they were of no use, with no power.

            I advanced rapidly up the steps, with only causing four casualties, it was easy.  It was the easiest battle yet.  I was prepared for more of a fight, but I guess they were trained to kill freaks with no brains; though that was changing.

            The Den of the mother, the woman, was the whole way at the other end of this floor.  The building was most likely built like this on purpose; a high security building.  Not only was this a military base, but also a government holding area.  They had over two million dollars in gold, and several high stakes government documents.

            There were nine doors on this floor; the top floor.  There were four on both sides and one at the end; where the stair well would have been, if it wasn’t the top floor.  That was the door I was looking for.  There were bound to be people in each room ready to kill me.

As I would kick one door open, Gabe would the opposing door; this way no one could get me from behind.  They were ready for me through the door, but I was expecting that.  I shot two of my top men, men that where in charge of regimens.  Gabe killed three in the opposite door, the one a woman, she was a no good piece of trash though.

The next doors I had plans for.  When I opened the door, I would open it only about four inches.  With the door opening there was gun shots, from inside the room.  When the fire terminated, I simply rolled a grenade in the room.  Five-point-five seconds later, the room was clear; and I could move on.

This was a much easier way, but they knew we were using bombs now, they would be smarter; or at least I hope they would.

The next rooms we did the same, and had the same results.  It was the last two we had to worry about; they would be the most secure and heavily guarded.  I was once stationed in this room, the people in there would dive onto a grenade to save the people they were with.

If things didn’t change, there would be ten people in each room.  Ten was allot for one person to kill; so what should I do?

I will make the others take those rooms, while I walked right in the ninth door.  Me and Gabe; the only one I had left.  I would have five people swarm the doors.  They could handle it, and when they were done they would guard my door.

It was time.

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