Umbrella Hug

A Nun girl caught between being the twin of a bad girl and two brothers in love with her bad boys.


1. Skullix


Austin!, "untie me we have to save pixie said his older brother mad. Rick, "do you have your knife on you? asked Austin looking around noticing their in an abandoned building tied to their necks. "yes I have it but brother promise me if we come out of this alive that we will stop the feud we have for Pixie said Rick giving the knife to Austin. "you making a promise on skullix and our boss said Austin hesitating on the promise.Rick passed the knife to Austin he untied himself and he's brother. "Rick I don't think I can keep that promise but first Pixie said Austin looking at Rick in the face. "okay, let's go! said Rick.

Both brothers start to run. Turn to the corner to find Pixie with the group leader of blood wits, Gerrard with a knife on Pixie's throat. "when I say I want money I meant now!, I did not know you dimwit brothers had a treasure like this, well guess what boys she tasted salty said Gerrard with a jerk face. Both brothers start to laugh. Gerrard notice they weren't worried at all. Rick get's closer to Gerrard. "see here the problem is I am not the boss of skullix you dipshitt! said Rick. Austin get's closer too. "Are boss is the person you are touching now said Austin smirking devilishly.

"Wait a second..that's not true she's five punch lock said Gerrard moving slowly away from Pixie. "Ha.Ha..Ha you know your very funny Gerrard if you wanted to fight with the boss of skullix so badly why didn't you ask me first, if you wanted to fight then put your weapon down and fight like a man come on said Pixie grabbing Gerrard's face then pushing him to the ground, she then squares up ready to fight. "not today said Gerrard. "Men get her and her dimwit brothers screamed Gerrard and then left. "okay guy's ready for a party said Pixie. "Hey Pix I am ready with the candy punches said Rick licking his fits. "And you Austin? asked Pixie. "I am ready to dance said Austin. "ready go! screamed Pixie.

They fought till morning fighting off thirty men. At the end, Gerrard came back he was no stupid gang leader he had a plan a terrible one at that. The brothers fighting them off. As to the fight ends up at the roof of the building. Pixie fighting off three almost close to the edge. In one blink of an eye a gun shot noise came and Pixie got shot. Pixie shot and falling from the building to her death. "Pixie! screamed Rick. "Pixie! screamed Austin. Rick and Austin look back at each other. "Austin go take her to the hospital she always trusted you more said Rick. "brother said Austin with tears falling down his face.

"Go! now I will hold them off said Rick fighting with anger and tears. Austin sad to leave his brother behind. But left to save the women they both love. Austin ran down the stairs turning left and right to finally to find the doors to the outside. And there she was Pixie on the wet ground just laying there with her drenched blood everywhere. "Oh..Pixie said Austin touching her face. "nope you're not leaving me and Rick you are stronger than this live! Damit screamed Austin knowing she lost a lot of blood and that he was gonna lose her.

Gently Pixie puts her hand on Austin's face. "Austin..I want you and Rick to look for somebody my sister she's at church, And Austin I love you both said Pixie pulling Austin in for one last kiss. "Pixie! said Rick just coming in to the scene. seeing Pixie dead Rick rushes in to hug her dead body crying tears with no end. "I am sorry brother I couldn't save her said Austin crying. "It's okay Austin said Rick touching his shoulder. "did she say anything? asked Rick. "she said to go look for her sister at a church said Austin.

"Does that even matter now, whats wrong with her said Rick. "we still have to take her to the hospital said Austin. "no I will take the blame for this, Is the best I can do for my brother's life said Rick. "hey who's there! screamed the cops. "go Austin run, don't worry said Rick. "I will said Austin wanting to stay ran scared and when getting home all he can do is cry tears over flowing hes face more. "sir I saw someone shoot her please save her said Rick to the cops. "sir im gonna need you to step away from the body, and your coming with us said the cop. This night of loss and tears. Is where it takes us to the umbrella hugs, This is when the hugs started.

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